Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tips for searching Craigslist!

I thought I would share a few tools I use to searching craigslist...since this is how I found my new gorgeous Map.  Because I am looking for particular items which aren't found easily (at least for me at a price I can afford) I look at craigslist listing in about a 100 mile radius.  If something is a the right price I am definitely willing to travel a bit.  In fact my couch set came from Nashville, TN...and my Witco World Map from Denver, CO.  Now I found these beauties using a site called CrazedList.  This site allows you to search multiple craislist feeds for different states and cities in one place!  You can select a region....or pick and choose locations across the US.  It is a site that can become very addicting even just to look at everything....

Also a nice additional feature to add to this is a Craiglist image previewer.  I'm not sure what browser everyone uses....I personally use Firefox.  If you use this browser there is a site call GreaseMonkey where you can download different scripts and add-ons for free.  The add-on I use is called CraigsList Image Prefetcher which you can search for in the upper right hand corner of this site.  That way when you search craiglist it will look like this....

Jun 28 - Pair Mid Century Iron Swivel Armchairs Style of Bertoia - (Southside Jacksonville Florida) antiques pic

image 1
image 2

 So no more clicking on the item listing to view pictures! (These chair are cool aren't they!)

You can also bundle your searches into one! using the | is basically the equivalent of "or".  It is on the key above the "Enter" on the keyboard along with a forward slash.  One of my favorite searches is: Danish | Mid Century | Retro | Teak       You should give it a try!

I hope this is useful for everyone.



MAIL CALL!! - The best ever

This is one of my most exciting Mail Calls yet and with a package this big, I’m sure my Postman was glad this baby was sent Greyhound so he didn’t have to lug it up to my door.  Ha!

Now for the reveal!.....
A Witco World Map!!!  I was literally jumping up and down when it came in.  I got the call this past Sunday from Greyhound and once I heard their message that my package was received I couldn’t get there fast enough.  I seriously couldn’t stop smiling even when I was trying to jam it into the back of my Prius.  It just BARELY fit…and by barely I mean I had to pull the driver and passenger seat forward quite a bit.  That was a very awkward drive home…one of the few time I wish I was shorter (I’m 5’9).  I felt like a granny being so close to the wheel, but it was all worth it.  All I need to do was give it a little cleaning to make the wood gleam and hang this fine thing up!  I was torn on where to hang it, either in the dining room so it is the first thing people see when they walk in the door….or in the bedroom where I would see it upon waking every morning.  Hmmm tough choice.

I think I have decided on the dining room for now....I know it needs to be slid to the right a little to be centered on the wall, I just got tired of fussing with it. Ha!  What do you think?  Kinda awesome right!



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Charming Woman - Back to Black..err sort of

So I haven’t been feeling the “Charming Woman” challenge I set for myself since I have been consumed by work and left without much time to blog or even thrift.  But now that the evil Texas deadline has passed and everything is out the door; I have spare time again!  Sweet!  It is time to get back on track!  So I finally took the plunge and dyed my hair (the background music for this task was Amy Winehouse's album "Back to Black", it seems appropriate) 
It didn’t come out exactly like I was expecting…Now I know that the picture on the box and on the side panel isn’t always the true shade(I used a Feria color called Bright Black)…..bbbbbbbbut I wasn’t prepared for electric blue.  Maybe it was because my hair was so pale blonde to start? Who knows…but now I have “Wonder Woman” hair.  Thankfully I really like it!  

Even though I haven’t been posting, I have been following the Charming Woman Day one instruction most days (I missed a few), and the extra effort in keeping my face clean is paying off.  For some reason I had been breaking out like I was a teenager again, but now my skin is almost clear.  Yeah! 
With my new hair color I really need to get crackin’ on the challenge because when you have blue hair…it takes a lot of styling and the right accessorizing to make it work.  So now it is time to move on along in the book for more tips.  The first week or so is mainly about skin care so I might put them all into one post.



Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thrifting on a Deadline...

So work has been crazy for the past week and with a deadline quickly approaching I had to work a decent bit this weekend.  But!...with a little creative scheduling I was able to break away for a couple of hours for some thrifting.  Yeah!  Even though I only managed to hit a few stores, I did find some goodies...and oddly enough I bought it all at the first store. Go figure!

Large VERA tablecloth!  The pattern is beautiful...very mod.

Pyrex Fridgies...these are super useful.

 Cool retro glasses...I'm thinking Pina Coladas

Rosewood Salt and Pepper shakers

Also...I received an item this weekend for an awesome Mail Call that I will be posting later in the week.  Here is a hint....

I have been wanting it for a while and it came in this box.....any ideas?

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The demon in my life

So I was looking at some old photos on my computer and I came across a few of my dog Izzy (Isadora).  She is an Italian Greyhound and one of the prettiest I have seen.  Anyone who has met her is always like....She is the sweetest puppy.  Little do they know...that inside that little dog is the soul of a demon.  It is true...I love her to death but she is a crackhead.  I have a few pictures to illustrate the truth!

Cute right? (You are awww-ing aren't you.)


A pint size attack dog.

These made me laugh and remember, just had to share!



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Domo and Inkblot Cookies: Part 1

So this weekend I attempted to make Domo and Inkblot cookies…and I’m sure you can tell by my use of the word attempt…that it didn’t turn out so well.  I looked online for a good gingerbread recipe and most of the ones I saw used shortening.  There is something about that tub of whiteness that is rather distasteful to me…I mean I don’t mind using butter but I was wanted to avoid shortening.  The difference might only be in my head, but sometimes that is all I need.  So I decided to use a tried and true recipe that I used here
So…I got started making my mess (my kitchen always looks like a tornado passed thru whenever I bake). 

 Soon I had all my dough mixed, and transferred into my pretty snowflake Pyrex to chill. 

 After a couple of hours in the fridge, I took the dough out and was ready to roll it; and that is where I had problems.  The dough kept sticking to the rolling pin…not cool.  I thought maybe the dough needed to be colder so I put it in the freezer for an hour and tried again….same problem.  

 After a several attempts, I finally gave up and decided the spoon dough into the cutter shape…making a nice layer and the remove the cutter.  That sort of worked…I lost a little shape when I removed the cutter but shaped it up using my hands.  Tada! A domo cookie!  Until it was baked…this is what it looked like when I removed it from the oven.  Looks more like a Sumo than a Domo…now I wish I had tried to ice it like a sumo wrestler. 

 Well looks like I will be baking again so check back… I’m determined!  Since I made a double batch of dough thinking I would have all these funky shaped cookies I needed some help getting rid of them.  So I went ahead and made drop ginger cookies and took them to work.  Monday morning when I was riding up in the elevator, someone asked if I made the cookies myself.  I said Yes and she responded…”Good for you!”  Very odd exchange, but it made me chuckle.  Turns out the failed cookies were a hit!  


Monday, June 20, 2011

Five dollar weekend

Five dollars was the magic total this weekend.  It started on Friday...Mr. Honey had the day off so I had a little time after work to hit a few thrifts since I didn't need to rush home and let the dogs out.  I decided to go to a couple of the Goodwill stores that are out of my immediate area...and I'm so glad I did!  I only picked up one item...this great chair for five bucks.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it!  I really don't have a place for it...but that problem will works itself out.  It always does.

Solid wood...I think walnut

Now on Saturday I had planned to work for a few hours, but when I got into the office it turns out I was missing some information that I wouldn't get until Monday morning.  I was there all of about ten minutes before I split....Thrift time!  You know since I was so close to them and all...yeah that's it.  I hit some of the favorites and at the first stop I found these total for all items...five dollars!

 Italian pressed glass vase

 Glass dish with textured bottom

 Three Vera scarves! I love finding Vera out and about.

Next I found this great little church shop by following a small sign.  There I found my next five dollar haul.

Sailboat sculpture (available for Honey Trade)

Horizons ashtray Otagari (available for Honey Trade)

Great Vintage dress (available for Honey Trade)

Another! (available for Honey Trade)

Cute vintage coat (available for Honey Trade)

That it is all the goodies...well most of them.  How was your weekend?



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Forgotten Projects...

In preparation for the house guests we had last weekend, I did quite a bit of organizing to clear the guest room and office.  During the "cleansing" I came across a large group of my old drawings that were stashed in a random closet.  It has been awhile since I REALLY looked at them and it got me thinking....Could I remember the last time I picked up a pencil/pen with the intent to draw?  I truly can't....two years maybe.  I really need to work again, I have half a dozen or more unfinished pieces.  Anyways, I thought I would share some of my favorites:

This is the last piece I completed

About the same time as this one

The Phoenix

 The Embrace

What are some of your forgotten projects?


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Charming Woman - Day one

So I there was a little distance between Day Zero and Day One..but here we are.  Today shall be the official start day! Day we go!

SKIN CARE by Helena Rubinstein

"The Beginning and Basis of Beauty is Correct Cleansing"

The first section is all about cleansing your skin.  It recommends "two types of cleansers: (1) a pore refining and purify washing preparation, and (2) a penetrative cleansing cream with enough consistency to work deep into the pores".  It also "advocates that normal skin be washed two or three times a week to maintain its beauty, improve the circulation and encourage that fresh, glowing look; and that oily skin (that's me!) be washed once a day to refine the pores, normalize the activity of the oil glands, aid in improving the health, texture and appearance of the skin; and last that dry skin be washed once or twice a week to keep the pores clear and clean."

There are even direction on how to wash your face
and dry
Basically it says to clean and dry in an upward motion...I think it is all a war with gravity because gravity is a  BEE-atch. Fact.  I did a little research...and by little I mean I just googled...Helena Rubinstein.  Turns out she still has a product line!  How funny it that...I originally was going to be all authentic and use her products, but then saw the no....I can't justify spending that much on face cleanser (I mean a lamp yes! but face wash no) my skin care products via Walgreens will have to do (I'm partial to the Garnier stuff.)

There is also a diet piece written by Frankie Van...which mainly talks about the ability and the motivation of losing weight.  I chuckled at this part..."Why do people want to lose weight? There are a number of reasons, other than the veiled hints your husband may have been tossing around recently."  Tossing veiled hints...sound dangerous.

Ciao for now!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Thrift Share - Rorschach Inkblot Cookies

This weekend was super busy between having a house full of company and working most of the day of Saturday....but I did fit in some thrifting....barely! Here are the goods!

 Danish lamp with teak neck

I really like this lamp..although the first thing Mr. Honey asked was..."Where is this going"  It is partially true that the house has reached lamp equilibrium... but I'm going to do my best to find a place for it.  I think I might paint the base a two tone teal. 

See it could total work...oh yeah Teal

I got this great plant rack for 5 bucks

This is my favorite record cover of the day. 

For some reason lately I am drawn to cookie cutters…not totally sure why (since I don’t bake much) but at several of my favorite thrift stores there is always that general basket of kitchen randomness, and I just have to dig through it. This weekend I found two strangely shaped cookie cutters and had to have them, so I plopped my fifty cents down and took them home. Mr. Honey and I have both looked at them and done the head tilt trying to figure out what the shapes are…and we each have different ideas. So I thought I would post them here and see if I get any new ones! If you wish please post your guesses! I plan to bake a batch of these shapes and Domos this week. I'm hoping to get a few answers per shape and try to ice them like your guesses. Wanna play?

Number 1

 Number 2

Hope everyone had a good weekend



Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Eye Candy

Here is some eye candy for you!  These are some of my favorite things on the big "E" at the moment; there are are even a few unlabeled Cathrineholm pieces.  I love when I find stuff unidentified...sometimes you can get a great deal.  Of course sometimes...someone else finds them me.



Friday, June 10, 2011

Mid Century Drink Day!!

So today is Friday the end of another work week and that in itself makes me deserving of a cocktail. ;)  This weeks drink is one that almost everyone has either had or heard of....The Whiskey Sour.  Why the Whiskey I make it in my new cocktail shaker of course...and it has the recipe right on handy!  I picked this cool shaker up at the thrift a couple of weeks ago.  I have a hard time leaving bar stuff behind...

I almost think I should have made a Daiquiri...I love the dancing lady.

So this one is a pretty simple recipe:  3.4oz Lemon Juice, 1/2 teaspoon Sugar, 1 1/2 oz Whiskey;  Shake with fine ice and add an orange slice.
Here is all the ingredients

If you have never used a shaker without a lid, you can easily use the bottom cup of another for a makeshift top.  Just make sure you have a good hold on it...I have sadly had an incident in the past...oops.

Looks like it has a jaunty little hat.

Tada! Finished Product!

VERDICT:  Ok a little too sour for me...but I doctored it to suit myself.(You can't waste it!)  I squeezed the rest of the orange into the glass, added 2 oz of Tonic, and another 1/2 teaspoon of sugar.

Note to time take the orange slice off before drinking...I took my first sip and it slid around the edge and smacked me in the face!  LOL. 

Enjoy the weekend everyone!



Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Charming Woman - Day Zero

Ok I think I'm going to start with day zero instead, I figured it would be good to give a little intro.  I'm going to use a lot of quotes directly from the book, because some of it is just so...well....kitschy.

As usual the foreword boosts that "the first ten days of your Beauty Program can easily be ten of the most important days of your life!..." (don't they all say that?) "for when you change, things begin to change for you.  Beauty is effective. It "does things" to other people; it does things for you.  Many a woman has battered unavaillingly at the door to success and happiness only to see it open to the lightest touch of loveliness." (It "does things" to other people...huh..we shall have to see!)

"We are not concerned merely with surface qualities -important though they are.  It is our purpose to develop also hidden resources by which you may please and inspire."

"When you have done your daily dozen, more or less, scrubbed yourself to a rosy glow, applied make-up as you have been taught, and put the smart clothes you have been helped to select on that slim, new figure, you should feel on the top of the world.  Give that beautifully poised creature who smiles at you from the mirror a word of commendation and encouragement.

I am to put myself "in the hands of some of the world's greatest specialists in feminine loveliness" (can you major in that?...  I have a Masters in feminine loveliness)

Well that is the hype folks!



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Charming Woman

I thought I would go back to the beginning (of sorts) for a little inspiration. What really started me on the idea of a blog was a book that I found several years ago call “The Charming Woman”.  It is a guide to become well...a Charming Woman, circa 1953 that is. It has articles like how to clean your face; the art of hair styles….Some of it is just too kitschy to pass up! So my challenge starts tomorrow. Day one!

Yeah!!! I’m excited! I’m ready to start putting more time into me! I use to be one of those artsy
vivacious people, but in the last two years that has not been the case. Whereas I use to not leave the house
without putting on my face, now I can’t remember the last time I put on makeup.  I hope this is the little push in the right direction I need to start channeling my energy back into me.  Here are a few pictures of myself from about 2 years ago....I want to look like me again...and less frumptastic!

 My favorite black fur hat

My second favorite hat (Oh I'm addicted to vintage hats too)

Also I'm trying to decide what to do with my hair....Blonde or Black...I look rather like a candy corn at the moment.(I SOooo need to do my roots!)

So what do you or blonde?
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