Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Will trade for honey....

So I love the idea of trading....and I love honey....so I thought I would try to blend the two together.  I come across tons of different "things", but really only have access to honey in my immediate area.  So each week or two I will post a few items and if anyone is interested....I will trade you for a jar of honey.  I'm really looking for honey that I can't find in the local grocery stores...so if you have a beekeeper at a local market...that is perfect!  I love to try different flavors so I'm open to different types...sourwood, orange blossom, black sage, etc.  Since more than likely the tradee will be quite a distance from myself, I will cover the cost of shipping the item to you and you cover the shipping to me.  Sound fair?

So here are some of my items up for trade!

 2 sectioned green Vaseline glass plates

Westmoreland milk glass pitcher "Old Quilt" pattern

Cool coffee cups...looks like a Vera Neumann pattern

If you are interested just post a comment for which item!



Monday, May 30, 2011

Holiday - Work and Reward

So my day off today has been quite productive.  A lot of the day has been rearranging the sun room to a more comfortable layout.  I didn't take photos of the start, but all of our records were along the window sill and it really blocked the light....plus I have been fretting about potential damage from the sun.  I found some great wall mounted record racks on the big E, which I put up on one wall.

These work great and hold about ten+ records and I also find it nice to display some great record covers...like the Andrew Bird record on the bottom (I love that cover!)  Another group of records went into storage cubes in the corner next to the cool wire rack I found this weekend.

The rest will go into a small record cabinet that will go between the two chairs...it is on a table in the back
yard waiting for another coat of paint!

See! A productive day!  Alright enough of that...now on to the reward.  How does some fresh Sangria sound?  Delish right!  Sangria is super easy to make and the recipe changes a little from person to person...but here is mine...for today at least.

2 Oranges
8 Strawberries
2 bunches of Grapes
1 cup Sugar
Tonic Water
One bottle of cheap red wine

First thing I do is take half of the grape, and put them in the freezer in a baggie.  These will freeze nicely and then you can add them to your glass of Sangria later as yummy ice cubes of sorts.  Next cut up the oranges and strawberries into slices and toss them into your pitcher.  Add the remaining grapes and your cup of sugar.  Then add enough Contreau to cover half or more of the fruit and a little bit of Brandy.  Stir and cover.  Let it marinate for at least an hour at room temperature or in the fridge (It doesn't really matter)

After your hour, pour in the bottle of wine.  Give it a good through stir and serve with a splash of Tonic (or Club soda) and the frozen grapes! Yum!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday!



Saturday, May 28, 2011

My lucky Saturday...

So...do you ever have those thrifting days where you think the Thrift Gods are smiling on you! well that was today but like most great days things got off to a bumpy start.  I had planned to have a yard sale today, but called it off after a lot of "opinions" of Mr. Honey.  It rained like the dickens yesterday night and it was suppose to rain today as well...so I heard a lot about the "weather".  At the time it just seemed easier to postpone it...so I took down my craiglist ad and went to bed.  The puppies woke me promptly at a little before seven (which was the time my yard sale was going to start)...so I get dressed and take them out front....and there is a car idling outside the house.  Hmmm wonder if that was a person for my cancelled yard sale....turns out it was! LOL

She opened her car door and asked when I was setting up....I let her know that it was postponed until next weekend.  Then she asked about the pole lamp I listed on the ad...so if figured what the hay!  I let her come in real quick and take a peek.  With in minutes it was sold!  Sweet a sale without even trying.  LOL  That put me in a better mood, although now all I could think of was the missed chance to clear the house of some stuff so I got a little cranky especially since it was dry dry outside(turns out it didn't rain today).  But alas I tried to forget about it and Mr. Honey and myself decide to do the normal early Saturday thrifting.

The first stop was at the Goodwill by the pound store...I had only been there one other time, and this time was no different.  If you have never been to a by the pound store...there is a bit of a frenzied atmosphere.... especially when new stuff comes out.  Basically every couple of days Goodwill take all of the merchandise that hasn't moved and box it, then truck it to the Goodwill by the pound store for its area.  So everything is packed haphazardly into big crates, and the crates are put on shelves and you pretty much dig what you want out.  A LOT of stuff gets broken in the process and people are not gentle in the least when digging...so you hear a lot of clanking and breaking in the background....which is kind of sad because you can see some great stuff but it is chipped or cracked.  This store I can only stay in for a limited time...I usually check the crates and checkout. (Tip:  If you go...bring some moist towelette for after...you will want to wash your hands)  So here is what we found there today:

All of this (plus a wooden salt and pepper shaker set not in photo) was 3.30.  Not bad!

The next stop was at my favorite thrift store....and I almost didn't stop since I found out that there is no new stuff put out on Saturday...and I went at lunch on Friday...but Mr. Honey wanted to stop...so we did and boy am I glad! I found three Dansk white Kobenstyle pots....I couldn't believe it.  I ran to them when I saw them.  I know I had that look of "They are mine! ALL MINE!  MUuaahhhhh!"

These match a smaller one I already have!  All three for 35.00. 

I got this wire bookshelf too.

We stopped at several other places, here are the rest of our finds:

Cool Christmas table cloth, belt, and Vaseline glass plates

Teal rimmed Pyrex plates (yes "I" I got them for you)

I LOVE this metal bull.  He was a whole 2.50!  Does anyone know the maker??? 

Bottom shot

I had to have this cookie cutter, it looks like Domo to me. I'm thinking gingerbread cookies iced like Domo.  Oh yeah.

Can you see it?

I hope everyone had a Saturday as fruitful as mine!



Friday, May 27, 2011


So....I didn't win the Witco World Map...this makes me sad....BUT...I did get a few goodies in the mail the week and I figured I would share. 

A Majestic Z floor lamp.

Close up!

Alas the floor lamp didn't come with shades, but pickers can't be choosers and at the price I got it for, I jumped on it as fast as possible. I think it was on eBay for all of ten minutes before I clicked the Buy It Now button; Then started clapping and jumping up and down which is what I do when I get giddy. I know the happy war dance must look bizarre but I don't care.

Here is my table lamp that I stole the shade from...it looks naked now!

I also in this weeks mail call is my new bullet planter...which matched my other one exactly!  I didn't think I would find one exactly the same...but I did. Now it has found its home on the other side of the fireplace.

So not bad for a week's haul...and the beauty of it is that it really cost me little to no money!  All was purchased from my Ebay selling profits....or as I like to call it Monopoly Paypal money. Sweet!

Anyways I hope everyone is having a great Friday!



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Operation Witco World Map – Accepted!

Ok Folks!  There is a Witco World Map currently on eBay…and I WANT it!!!  It shall be mine….(insert evil laugh here).  Here is the kink…I’m poor. LOL  But but but….I NEED it….so the operation has begun.  Here are the details.  I have been super lax on listing my items on the eBay…so Sunday was super post day.  Anything I had to sell (and could part with) I listed in hopes to scrap up the $$ for the Map.  I’m putting my wish and out into the Universe and hoping is comes back as a map.  This was a great task for me…the perfect motivation I need to get going!  Here are a few items that I knew right away I could live without…

 Pair of Frankl Rattan End Tables

Couple of Denning pieces (Mr. Honey almost passed out when I said I was listing these! LOL

Wish me luck!
Ciao Becca

Monday, May 23, 2011

The weekend with two Sundays...

This weekend I had Friday off so I was able to go to the first day of a local estate sale...this was the first time I have actually been able to do that!  Yippee!  So the sale started at 9am and I had plan to get there early but time got away from me....I left the house about 8:30.  Luckily my friend was going to the sale with me and we were meeting there so she got there early and put our names on the list....meanwhile I was driving like a demon to get there.  It was a fight again time the whole drive LOL.
At the first traffic light I checked the GPS on my phone…I was 15 minutes away…and the sale started in 15 minutes.  Eek!  After a lot of speeding, and passing…I was making time (only a minute or two), but then got stopped by a light.  I was on the edge of my seat the whole way…but I finally made it and barely before the doors opened (they opened as I was walking up!).  There was quite a few people there about 20-25ish and it was a VERY small house so a LOT of mad grabbin’ was going on.  Let just say it was an interesting experience…a little too much rudeness for me…I got bumped a gazillion times and elbowed once or twice (not cool), but if I ever want to “pick” full time I need to toughin up.  I’m the person that gets stuck holding the door outside the restaurant because I don’t want to shut the door on anyone.  And that trait left me slowly trailing behind people…which sucked because I saw three or four things I wanted snatched up right in front of me.  BUT! I did manage to get my hands on a couple things…..
Metallic purses (a dollar a piece!)

Cool leather card carried with score pad (a whopping 3 bucks)
The (awesome) day off really messed with me the rest of the weekend....I kept thinking that Saturday was Sunday....Me and Mr. Honey went back to the same estate sale on Sunday...er...Saturday.  Just to see if there was anything I missed...and I got this great drink rack for a buck! and it fits my bar glasses perfectly!

On the way back home we stopped at a local antique mall to check out a retro booth that has been advertised on craigslist....Once we hit it I was ready to go...but Mr. Honey was like...we might as well see it all.  Yes that is right a guy that wants to look at antiques!  It is not a myth.  We even found some stuff for him!  We got these really cool beer bottle openers.

JAX beer, Ballantine beer, and a cool spinner

This one is my favorite!  The little dot is depressed so it spins. Spin to see who pays.

So that is my haul!  How was your weekend?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mood Music Thursday...er Friday too!

Today was one of those days...where I asked too much of my brain and it waived the white flag.  So by the time I got home I was sort of on cruise control.  But, I know what I need....a cocktail (after all I have some limes about to go bad...can't let that happen!) and a great album put on the turntable.  I didn't realize how much I missed having a working turntable until I got mine up and running.  Now it is used daily, by both Mr. Honey and myself.  Sooo...with all the love shown on blogs for Mid Century decor, it made me wonder how many of you out there like the music of the period as well? What are some of your favorites?

Well tonight's tunes are from one of my favorite albums....Chet Baker Sings.  I got it about a month ago from Ebay...it came to me all the way from Japan! (Random fact...Chet Baker and I share a birthday...December 23...but of course I wasn't born in 1929!)

This album is the perfect blend of moody and upbeat tempos.  The sounds and lyrics range from lovely to quite depressing...but some how it all works....and of course this album includes one of the most known cover song of "My Funny Valentine" (the best rendition ever).  If you don't have this and happen to see it when you are out ....pick it up...and put it on.  Good Stuff.



Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh to be a SUPER!

So I was watching The Incredibles the other day and it started me thinking…. How awesome would it be to have a thrifting superpower and what should it be!?!   I have played around with the idea in my head and have come up with a few powers that I can’t seem to pick from.  A lot of them are reselling based but if you think about it you can come up with all sort of powers.  Here are my top three:
First – The ability to touch any item and know the last five auction prices
Second – The ability to touch an item and know what you will sell it for AND how long it will take you to sell.
Third – The ability to know when and where to go to buy your current MUST HAVES. (I want this so I can find my Witco World Map!!!  It is out there waiting for me)
So how about you?  What powers would you want?



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The weekend in review...

This weekend was long....satisfyingly long.  I went thrifting with a friend on Saturday and I was ready!  It was the first time I have been to a thrift store before they opened and I was rather amazing how everyone piled outside just waiting for the doors to open.  But there I was filing in behind the person in front of me to get through the door.  It was kinda of nice being the first group in...of course that lasted about five minutes...then it was the normal push and shove.

Soon I had made my usual circuit of the store...sometimes I feel really weird because I have a standard route through the store...and feel a little out of sorts if I change it.  Weirdo.  I ended up finding some vintage Christmas place mats and a nice fondue pot...not that I need it.  I have a hard time passing on fondue stuff...I think I have about six pots now.  Again Weirdo!

After the first store, the rest just flew by!  At final count we hit thirteen thrift stores in all.  Seems crazy right, luckily there is a thrift store sweet spot in Jacksonville.  All thirteen are within roughly three to four miles.  I didn't get THAT much more stuff, because I'm in stuff overload at the moment so I'm very selective.  Here is what I got!  I'm adding a few finds from earlier the week as well from some lunch time thrifting.

 Dansk green glass vase

Mid Century cookbooks and kitchen misc

8 roly poly glasses WITH stand.  (For 4 bucks...Sweet!)

Mr. Tiki glass....does anyone know the maker??

Dansk glass candle holders (a little over a buck for both...oh yeah)

Fire King Jadite restaurant ware coffee cup (.99 cent)

What did you get this weekend?  Linking up at Apron Thrift Girl.



Mid Century Jewelry Designer – Kay Denning

I love love LOVE enamel on copper jewelry. I started off as a fan of Matisse jewelry (which I have seen
Joan wear on Mad Men many times), but then found the work of Kay Denning. Don’t get me wrong I
still own and admire Matisse, but it has definitely been pushed into the background when it comes to
searching and acquiring. Here are some pieces in my currently collection:

Aren’t they pretty! These are my favorite pieces.

 The yellow bracelet was one of my first pieces :) 

Bracelets, bracelets, and more bracelets

Yes she did make necklaces too!

How to spot a Denning? Well I find it quite easy, since her work is very distinctive. But a few things to
look for are, first the style. 95% of the pieces I have seen feature a designed made by large “cookies” or
globs of colored glass with a contrasting color background.

  See the raised "cookies"

Also there is of course her signature (which is usually in green on a white background)…obvious I know lol. But I have seen her work mislabeled all the time, and I’m constantly surprised by how many different words people read.  Generally most of the large items like bracelets and necklaces are marked, but rarely (if ever) are earrings and pins.

I have scoured the web and found very little information on the artist other than it seems she made
jewelry during the 60s for Bovano of Chester, CT.  There is one particular color combination that seems like it was quite popular, due to how often I see them.  That combo is the classic red, white, and blue (I wear mine every 4th of July)

 On occasion I have seen pieces that are not the "cookie" style, but rather look almost stenciled.  These are more rare it seems but they do come up on ebay every so often. 

I'm sure I will be collecting Denning for years to come, but I tend to buy it sporadically now.  Prices have sky rocketed, or at least sellers perceptions have warped.  If you do a search on Denning right now on ebay you will see bracelets in the price range up to 250 which just seems crazy to me.  I can understand wanting to get as much as you can for your item, but a lot of them have been "sitting" online for months.  Some of them are worth more than others (at least to me) but a lot of it is just overpriced.  But...if you love it as much as I do keep searching, there are some great pieces at reasonable prices...that is if I don't buy them first LOL. 


PS.  Check out my Collection here on the blog!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Project Interruptus...

So I didn't intentionally start to post about my dog, but he was so super cute when I started taking photos for a sewing post today.  My sewing project, which I'm moving off the back burner, is for these awesome mid century chair by Selig Monroe I found at a local thrift store.  The upholstery on them is in great condition except for the arms and the ottoman.  My goal is to make form fitting arm covers with a matching slip cover for the ottoman.  But! as I started to take photos of them, my dog would jump into the chair.  I would move to the other one and he would follow.  He actually looks like he is posing! 
The start
Umm..Thanks Max.  Camera Hog. 
Crazy Dog.

Okay one last photo...
Izzy and Max at the living room window.  I snapped it just before I started loading the pictures.  These crackheads and my chairs (shakes head)....although I have to say a pink chair makes grey dogs look extra cute!
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