Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MAIL CALL!! - The best ever

This is one of my most exciting Mail Calls yet and with a package this big, I’m sure my Postman was glad this baby was sent Greyhound so he didn’t have to lug it up to my door.  Ha!

Now for the reveal!.....
A Witco World Map!!!  I was literally jumping up and down when it came in.  I got the call this past Sunday from Greyhound and once I heard their message that my package was received I couldn’t get there fast enough.  I seriously couldn’t stop smiling even when I was trying to jam it into the back of my Prius.  It just BARELY fit…and by barely I mean I had to pull the driver and passenger seat forward quite a bit.  That was a very awkward drive home…one of the few time I wish I was shorter (I’m 5’9).  I felt like a granny being so close to the wheel, but it was all worth it.  All I need to do was give it a little cleaning to make the wood gleam and hang this fine thing up!  I was torn on where to hang it, either in the dining room so it is the first thing people see when they walk in the door….or in the bedroom where I would see it upon waking every morning.  Hmmm tough choice.

I think I have decided on the dining room for now....I know it needs to be slid to the right a little to be centered on the wall, I just got tired of fussing with it. Ha!  What do you think?  Kinda awesome right!




  1. Those are amazing colours! it looks great there in the dining room.

  2. Ohhhhhh....look at that! That is soooo cool. This is my first visit to your blog and if this is any indication of what to expect...I may just be hooked! Just an opinion but I'm not sure that's the right spot for the globe. I think you need a taller "portrait" oriented piece for that spot. This should really be showcased over a long low sofa!

    Mr. Modtomic

  3. Sweet! Yea it seems like that light switch is in the way... dern light switch! I think it would also look better if it were lower?... unless of course you have something up your sleeve and are going to put a sideboard underneath ;)

  4. @Six Balloons Thanks!!

    @Mr. Modtomic Thanks for stopping by! Yeah I'm not sure if it is going to stay there long...but then I don't want it hidden in my bedroom. Oh well I will find a spot!

    @Vintage Scapes. Haha right. If it was my house I think I would just have by brother move the light switch box. Stupid rental. :)

  5. Hey Beccalina,
    I saw this map on your "wanted" list and I'm so happy to see that you can cross that one off! It's great!
    And the colors are just gorgeous with your drapes!


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