Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Will trade for honey....

So I love the idea of trading....and I love honey....so I thought I would try to blend the two together.  I come across tons of different "things", but really only have access to honey in my immediate area.  So each week or two I will post a few items and if anyone is interested....I will trade you for a jar of honey.  I'm really looking for honey that I can't find in the local grocery stores...so if you have a beekeeper at a local market...that is perfect!  I love to try different flavors so I'm open to different types...sourwood, orange blossom, black sage, etc.  Since more than likely the tradee will be quite a distance from myself, I will cover the cost of shipping the item to you and you cover the shipping to me.  Sound fair?

So here are some of my items up for trade!

 2 sectioned green Vaseline glass plates

Westmoreland milk glass pitcher "Old Quilt" pattern

Cool coffee cups...looks like a Vera Neumann pattern

If you are interested just post a comment for which item!




  1. That is so sweet (oh my, bad pun) that you're trading mod treasures for honey :) Cute blog, and I just knew your cute little house was filled with atomic era wonders!

  2. Ha! this is a fantastic idea! I hope you get some foreign honey. You could have some serious fun with this!

  3. Thanks! I hope this works...it would be awesome to have "foreign" honey. I'm a bit of a honey monster at times...I can see myself Godzilla style knocking over some buildings while saying.."Honey! More honey!" LOL

  4. I think this is a GREAT idea!


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