Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Yeah! Mail.  I love mail...at least the non bill package type.  It feels like Christmas in June!  This week I have found a few more piece of my Jackson china designed by Paul McCobb.

 Here is what I have!

and....Here's what I got!!!

I just love this pattern.

I am close! to a full set of 8...so close...then I can officially scratch it off the Want/Need list.  *Sigh* the missing pieces will come...I just have to be patient.  Something I'm not good at.



  1. That China is beautiful. It will come when you least expect it. I always find my want/need list items where I'd least expect to. I live in greenville sc so mid century isn't so big here so you can get things at a good price. I finally got my heywake triple wishbone table at an auction for 250.00. It also came with the captain chair and 5 regular chairs. Lately the mid century furniture here has been going for next to nothing

  2. Wow great deal on the HeyWake. I think I need to move to Greenville! I LOVE Heywake I have 12 or pieces of it. I found my triple wishbone for just a little bit more,only four chairs, but it did come with the small hutch. Unfortunately someone decided to refinish it a darker brown...GASP...to the stocks with them!!! That is the cruelest thing to do to HeyWake.

  3. Haven't seen this pattern before - like it!

  4. I'm on the hunt for a hutch and a buffet. One time I saw a heywake dresser painted dark green. It was a mess. Well 12 pieces that's. Good collection. The auctions here or pretty good however the thrift stores have been lacking for a while they have been filled with country geese and black lacqer furniture.

  5. Gorgeous set! I love that pattern! I'm always impressed with collectors who tenaciously hunt down whole sets. I just don't have the patience!

  6. @Jil Thanks! I think it is a rather rare pattern and it is restaurant ware. I would love to go to a restaurant that had dishes like this...makes me wonder how it would have been decorated!

    @Leah Ugh...country geese and black lacquer furniture...I don't think anything else needs to be said.

    @Van Haha when it is something I want I usually find the patiences...although most of the time it is the back pocket of my other pants.


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