Monday, June 13, 2011

Thrift Share - Rorschach Inkblot Cookies

This weekend was super busy between having a house full of company and working most of the day of Saturday....but I did fit in some thrifting....barely! Here are the goods!

 Danish lamp with teak neck

I really like this lamp..although the first thing Mr. Honey asked was..."Where is this going"  It is partially true that the house has reached lamp equilibrium... but I'm going to do my best to find a place for it.  I think I might paint the base a two tone teal. 

See it could total work...oh yeah Teal

I got this great plant rack for 5 bucks

This is my favorite record cover of the day. 

For some reason lately I am drawn to cookie cutters…not totally sure why (since I don’t bake much) but at several of my favorite thrift stores there is always that general basket of kitchen randomness, and I just have to dig through it. This weekend I found two strangely shaped cookie cutters and had to have them, so I plopped my fifty cents down and took them home. Mr. Honey and I have both looked at them and done the head tilt trying to figure out what the shapes are…and we each have different ideas. So I thought I would post them here and see if I get any new ones! If you wish please post your guesses! I plan to bake a batch of these shapes and Domos this week. I'm hoping to get a few answers per shape and try to ice them like your guesses. Wanna play?

Number 1

 Number 2

Hope everyone had a good weekend




  1. Wow.. your thrift stores most be really good. So jealous of the plant stand. The lamp is awesome. Went out of town this weekend, sadly didn't get to thrift or hit ant antique stores. Our weekend was taken over by the kids.

  2. number one maybe a caterpillar and number two is debated to be santa or a teapot

  3. Interesting cookie cutters - first one looks like a catdog to me ha. 2nd one now that Krista said Santa, I'm thinking it could be.

    Awesome lamp and plant stand! Can't believe you managed to squeeze some thrifting time in with a full house. Of course though it's always good to get away from the chaos - "Uhh.. I'm gonna go get some milk". Then 2 hours later you're back w/ no milk and the goodies hiding in the trunk. I know....cause I've been there.

    Looking forward to seeing your cookies :)

  4. I say the first one is a scrappy looking chick begging for food and the second one could be a whale or chicken drumstick. haha. Can't wait to see the cookies!

  5. @Leah Yeah I’m lucky that the best one in town is SO close to me. Haha kids do that ;)

    @Krista Thanks for the guesses…I think is Santa

    @Iris I can ALWAYS squeeze in thrift time!

    @Vintage Scapes A chicken drumstick! I kinda does!

  6. #1 (Turn upside down) HEDGEHOG

    #2 (Turn upside down) ANTEATER

  7. @Jane and everyone! Thanks for your guesses. Still working on making these cookies. First attempt not so good...but I will WIN! *evil laugh*


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