Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tips for searching Craigslist!

I thought I would share a few tools I use to searching craigslist...since this is how I found my new gorgeous Map.  Because I am looking for particular items which aren't found easily (at least for me at a price I can afford) I look at craigslist listing in about a 100 mile radius.  If something is a the right price I am definitely willing to travel a bit.  In fact my couch set came from Nashville, TN...and my Witco World Map from Denver, CO.  Now I found these beauties using a site called CrazedList.  This site allows you to search multiple craislist feeds for different states and cities in one place!  You can select a region....or pick and choose locations across the US.  It is a site that can become very addicting even just to look at everything....

Also a nice additional feature to add to this is a Craiglist image previewer.  I'm not sure what browser everyone uses....I personally use Firefox.  If you use this browser there is a site call GreaseMonkey where you can download different scripts and add-ons for free.  The add-on I use is called CraigsList Image Prefetcher which you can search for in the upper right hand corner of this site.  That way when you search craiglist it will look like this....

Jun 28 - Pair Mid Century Iron Swivel Armchairs Style of Bertoia - (Southside Jacksonville Florida) antiques pic

image 1
image 2

 So no more clicking on the item listing to view pictures! (These chair are cool aren't they!)

You can also bundle your searches into one! using the | is basically the equivalent of "or".  It is on the key above the "Enter" on the keyboard along with a forward slash.  One of my favorite searches is: Danish | Mid Century | Retro | Teak       You should give it a try!

I hope this is useful for everyone.




  1. I don't know if every knows this so I'm gonna throw it out there. From the main page of your local (or not...up to you) craigslist you can either search for a particular item or click on a category. After doing so, look in the upper right corner of the top of the page. Unless you've already clicked on it you should see [show images]. If you click on that you should see a thumbnail of the first image uploaded by the seller next to the descriptions of the "results" of you search.

    This makes scanning for goodies soooo much easier.

    I also use a craigslist searcher called SearchTempest to search outside of my area.

    Mr. Modtomic

  2. Great tip - I never find anything good locally on Craigslist! Your map of the world is beyond awesome, btw.

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  4. @Mr. Modtomic. Thanks for adding! I forgot about the "show image" feature! I have been using the browser add-in feature for a while I think the only difference between them is that the add-in will show you all photos. Which is nice if people are selling multiple things in one ad.

    @DearHelen Hartman Thanks! Yeah awesome stuff in my area is few and far between and it seems like when I do find something cool it is my friends ad.("I" you have good taste) HA!

    (Geez I only wanted to correct a spelling error...didn't know there would be the mark of shame if I deleted a post)

  5. Beccalina -

    Thanks for the tips on this, I'm going to try it out


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