Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Revitalize and Reuse

Have you ever had this LONG list of things you want to do….but you can never seem to get your butt in gear.  Ugh! That was me as of late, but not anymore.  I had this burst of energy and determination last week to get things done, so I have been methodically check items off my list since (I love lists).  Here is one of the things I completed this weekend that I wanted to share!

Sometimes I come across cool stuff while out thrifting but there are just some condition issue I can’t live with.  About a month ago I found this rather cool lucite ice bucket with lid, but it had an unattractive design on it.  Since the design looked plastic as well I decided to pick it up and hope I could get it off.

When I got home I tried to carefully scratch it off, but it wasn't working so well.  After a little research I found several sites that listed a product called Novus 123 as a good one to clean plastics (even cds).  So I ordered it from Amazon and in under a week it was on my doorstep.  Yay!

After about three minutes of rubbing it was starting to come off!

Tada!  All gone!

Once it was cleaned up I decided I would use it to hold my scarves.
So hope is not always lost when you find something flawed out and about.  I hope this is useful to someone!



Saturday, July 9, 2011

Man I wish I could Knit!

When I made a trip to Lowes last week to buy hanging wire (for you know what) I decided to make a quick trip to a local thrift store.   This store use to be one of my favorites, but in recent years the prices have just gotten outrageous, but I saw a set of Conant Ball bedroom furniture (already SOLD ) two weeks ago at a decent price so that renewed the faith.  I was pleasantly surprised that in just two weeks….the place had a new layout and prices were lower.  Totally bizarre… then I heard some of the employees talking about a change in management so maybe that is the reason.  Anyways while perusing the aisles I found this awesome knitting pattern book for Bear Brand Yarns.  These patterns make me yearn to knit (and have an ass that would fit into these)…

There are quite a few other designs/patterns as well but these are my favorites.
What do you think?


Monday, July 4, 2011

The Big "E" Eye Candy

Here are some of my favorite things I'm currently lusting after on Ebay; I thought I would share.



Friday, July 1, 2011

Mid Century Drink Day!!

Ok so today's drink is the Sazerac which is a New Orleans style whiskey cocktail.  I figured I would make this drink since we just picked up a bottle of Rye from the liquor store around the corner ( have to support the local you might as well do it with booze.)


1 cube of sugar (I used half a tbsp)
1 1/2 oz Sazerac Rye whiskey (I didn't use the Sazerac brand)
1/4 oz Pernod
3 dashes of Bitters
Lemon Peel

Here we go!  Take one glass and fill with ice and a little water to chill.  In a second glass add the sugar cube and bitter and muddle.

Next the rye whiskey is added to the sugar mixture.  Now empty the ice filled glass and add and whish the Pernod just it coats the glass, discard the excess.

The rye/sugar/bitters mixture is then poured into the Pernod coated glass and garnished with a lemon peel.

Tada!  I know my peel looks lame.  I couldn't get a good one so I just used sliver of lemon.

VERDICT:  Not bad.  I could drink this...well with a little tonic.(my answer for everything)
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