Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Charming Woman - Day Zero

Ok I think I'm going to start with day zero instead, I figured it would be good to give a little intro.  I'm going to use a lot of quotes directly from the book, because some of it is just so...well....kitschy.

As usual the foreword boosts that "the first ten days of your Beauty Program can easily be ten of the most important days of your life!..." (don't they all say that?) "for when you change, things begin to change for you.  Beauty is effective. It "does things" to other people; it does things for you.  Many a woman has battered unavaillingly at the door to success and happiness only to see it open to the lightest touch of loveliness." (It "does things" to other people...huh..we shall have to see!)

"We are not concerned merely with surface qualities -important though they are.  It is our purpose to develop also hidden resources by which you may please and inspire."

"When you have done your daily dozen, more or less, scrubbed yourself to a rosy glow, applied make-up as you have been taught, and put the smart clothes you have been helped to select on that slim, new figure, you should feel on the top of the world.  Give that beautifully poised creature who smiles at you from the mirror a word of commendation and encouragement.

I am to put myself "in the hands of some of the world's greatest specialists in feminine loveliness" (can you major in that?...  I have a Masters in feminine loveliness)

Well that is the hype folks!



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  1. I would love to read the book. I never run into beauty or hygiene books. I'm always on the look out. I do have a great collection of vintage interior design books I run into those often. Well I'm off to scrub myself into a rosey glow. Lol


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