Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Charming Woman - Day one

So I there was a little distance between Day Zero and Day One..but here we are.  Today shall be the official start day! Day One....here we go!

SKIN CARE by Helena Rubinstein

"The Beginning and Basis of Beauty is Correct Cleansing"

The first section is all about cleansing your skin.  It recommends "two types of cleansers: (1) a pore refining and purify washing preparation, and (2) a penetrative cleansing cream with enough consistency to work deep into the pores".  It also "advocates that normal skin be washed two or three times a week to maintain its beauty, improve the circulation and encourage that fresh, glowing look; and that oily skin (that's me!) be washed once a day to refine the pores, normalize the activity of the oil glands, aid in improving the health, texture and appearance of the skin; and last that dry skin be washed once or twice a week to keep the pores clear and clean."

There are even direction on how to wash your face
and dry
Basically it says to clean and dry in an upward motion...I think it is all a war with gravity because gravity is a  BEE-atch. Fact.  I did a little research...and by little I mean I just googled...Helena Rubinstein.  Turns out she still has a product line!  How funny it that...I originally was going to be all authentic and use her products, but then saw the prices...um no....I can't justify spending that much on face cleanser (I mean a lamp yes! but face wash no)...so my skin care products via Walgreens will have to do (I'm partial to the Garnier stuff.)

There is also a diet piece written by Frankie Van...which mainly talks about the ability and the motivation of losing weight.  I chuckled at this part..."Why do people want to lose weight? There are a number of reasons, other than the veiled hints your husband may have been tossing around recently."  Tossing veiled hints...sound dangerous.

Ciao for now!



  1. Veiled hints from the hubbie? Screw that guy, he probably needs to join us at the gym ;)

    I tried minimizing my routine to toning with diluted tea tree oil twice a day, but my (oily) skin improved greatly when I went back to washing, toning, and moisturizing twice a day. Damn the necessary maintenance, damn it all! I love reading vintage tips, though.


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