Monday, June 20, 2011

Five dollar weekend

Five dollars was the magic total this weekend.  It started on Friday...Mr. Honey had the day off so I had a little time after work to hit a few thrifts since I didn't need to rush home and let the dogs out.  I decided to go to a couple of the Goodwill stores that are out of my immediate area...and I'm so glad I did!  I only picked up one item...this great chair for five bucks.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it!  I really don't have a place for it...but that problem will works itself out.  It always does.

Solid wood...I think walnut

Now on Saturday I had planned to work for a few hours, but when I got into the office it turns out I was missing some information that I wouldn't get until Monday morning.  I was there all of about ten minutes before I split....Thrift time!  You know since I was so close to them and all...yeah that's it.  I hit some of the favorites and at the first stop I found these total for all items...five dollars!

 Italian pressed glass vase

 Glass dish with textured bottom

 Three Vera scarves! I love finding Vera out and about.

Next I found this great little church shop by following a small sign.  There I found my next five dollar haul.

Sailboat sculpture (available for Honey Trade)

Horizons ashtray Otagari (available for Honey Trade)

Great Vintage dress (available for Honey Trade)

Another! (available for Honey Trade)

Cute vintage coat (available for Honey Trade)

That it is all the goodies...well most of them.  How was your weekend?




  1. Wow - Nice Finds! The chair is great and so are those Vera scarves. Love the coat!

  2. What size is the coat? Forgot to ask.

  3. hooray for $5! The chair is a major score. Are you going to keep it with the same upholstery? Love the blue vase, the scarves, and the flowery dress! My favorite though is the Vera scarf with the intense hatch lines. :)

  4. @ Protector of Vintage Thanks! My eye went wide when I saw it. Mine!

    @Jil Thanks. Not sure on the coat. It doesn't have a size tag. If I had to guess I would say and 8ish. I can measure it if you are interested. :)

    @Vintage Scapes I know right! I love that chair. The originally upholstery is in great condition but the mellowy yellow doesn't fit into my not real sure right now. ha That scarf is my favorite too.

  5. Otagiiiri! I found a big set of that at the Goodwill on San Jose once and fell in love with it. Over the years I broke 3 bowls from the set, it broke my heart. I wish that ash tray was a bowl so I could buy it from you ;)

    Beautiful finds all around though, love the chair, the dresses, all of it!


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