Saturday, May 28, 2011

My lucky Saturday... you ever have those thrifting days where you think the Thrift Gods are smiling on you! well that was today but like most great days things got off to a bumpy start.  I had planned to have a yard sale today, but called it off after a lot of "opinions" of Mr. Honey.  It rained like the dickens yesterday night and it was suppose to rain today as I heard a lot about the "weather".  At the time it just seemed easier to postpone I took down my craiglist ad and went to bed.  The puppies woke me promptly at a little before seven (which was the time my yard sale was going to start) I get dressed and take them out front....and there is a car idling outside the house.  Hmmm wonder if that was a person for my cancelled yard sale....turns out it was! LOL

She opened her car door and asked when I was setting up....I let her know that it was postponed until next weekend.  Then she asked about the pole lamp I listed on the if figured what the hay!  I let her come in real quick and take a peek.  With in minutes it was sold!  Sweet a sale without even trying.  LOL  That put me in a better mood, although now all I could think of was the missed chance to clear the house of some stuff so I got a little cranky especially since it was dry dry outside(turns out it didn't rain today).  But alas I tried to forget about it and Mr. Honey and myself decide to do the normal early Saturday thrifting.

The first stop was at the Goodwill by the pound store...I had only been there one other time, and this time was no different.  If you have never been to a by the pound store...there is a bit of a frenzied atmosphere.... especially when new stuff comes out.  Basically every couple of days Goodwill take all of the merchandise that hasn't moved and box it, then truck it to the Goodwill by the pound store for its area.  So everything is packed haphazardly into big crates, and the crates are put on shelves and you pretty much dig what you want out.  A LOT of stuff gets broken in the process and people are not gentle in the least when you hear a lot of clanking and breaking in the background....which is kind of sad because you can see some great stuff but it is chipped or cracked.  This store I can only stay in for a limited time...I usually check the crates and checkout. (Tip:  If you go...bring some moist towelette for will want to wash your hands)  So here is what we found there today:

All of this (plus a wooden salt and pepper shaker set not in photo) was 3.30.  Not bad!

The next stop was at my favorite thrift store....and I almost didn't stop since I found out that there is no new stuff put out on Saturday...and I went at lunch on Friday...but Mr. Honey wanted to we did and boy am I glad! I found three Dansk white Kobenstyle pots....I couldn't believe it.  I ran to them when I saw them.  I know I had that look of "They are mine! ALL MINE!  MUuaahhhhh!"

These match a smaller one I already have!  All three for 35.00. 

I got this wire bookshelf too.

We stopped at several other places, here are the rest of our finds:

Cool Christmas table cloth, belt, and Vaseline glass plates

Teal rimmed Pyrex plates (yes "I" I got them for you)

I LOVE this metal bull.  He was a whole 2.50!  Does anyone know the maker??? 

Bottom shot

I had to have this cookie cutter, it looks like Domo to me. I'm thinking gingerbread cookies iced like Domo.  Oh yeah.

Can you see it?

I hope everyone had a Saturday as fruitful as mine!




  1. Hi Becca...I'm here, for the first time from Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday! I so admired your "eye" & the lovely continuity in your finds this weekend I wanted to comment just to compliment you!! And I agree that the Domo cookie cutter could be the best, most forward designed find ever! ;-)

  2. You found some great stuff. I especially like the tablecloth and the green glass plates.

  3. @Joy That is the nicest comment I've ever had..thank you! I can't wait to make Domo cookies.

    @Tammy I casually stalked the guy who had the green plates in his hands....hoping he would put them back...turns out he was an employee stocking. LOL I grabbed them up quick.

  4. Beccalina I wanted to stop by your blog check out your weekend finds, and thank you for leaving me my first comment on my blog. I wait for Monday's so I can check out the awesome things people find, so I decided to start a blog and join the fun. Thanks for comment, it made my heart happy! Love the wire bookstand.

  5. Great finds, jealous of the dansk pots, Domo cookies would be so cute and fun!

  6. oo you definitely cleaned up at the thrifts this weekend! I'm envious of your bull sculpture and the Kobenstyle pots (have yet to see any in the wild!).

    You should definitely make Domo cookies and post them on the blog. My friend made a Domo jack-o-lantern for Halloween last year.

  7. You did awesome! Can't get over the fact that someone got rid of those 3 white dansk pots - I have the largest size in teal and have not seen others since.

    I feel like some thrifting today! I always do after I read your finds :)

  8. @Cheerful Thrify Door - Thanks! I can't wait to see more of your finds on your new blog

    @Jil - I still can't believe I found them!

    @Leilani - A Domo Jack-o-lantern sounds awesome!

    @Iris - Teal is your power color. LOL

  9. Wow... you have some fab finds! I just love the dansk enamelware. I went into macy's the other day and was in shock at how expensive 'new enamelware' is and its not even as stylish as dansk or finel!
    As for that bull, it is quite amazing but unfortunately I can't shed any light on it...

  10. What a great Saturday you had. I too love the Bull & the white Dansk Pots!
    Thanks also for the comment on my finds. I checked the paper design book, but unfortunately there were no mobile examples to be found.
    Cheers ~ Lara


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