Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh to be a SUPER!

So I was watching The Incredibles the other day and it started me thinking…. How awesome would it be to have a thrifting superpower and what should it be!?!   I have played around with the idea in my head and have come up with a few powers that I can’t seem to pick from.  A lot of them are reselling based but if you think about it you can come up with all sort of powers.  Here are my top three:
First – The ability to touch any item and know the last five auction prices
Second – The ability to touch an item and know what you will sell it for AND how long it will take you to sell.
Third – The ability to know when and where to go to buy your current MUST HAVES. (I want this so I can find my Witco World Map!!!  It is out there waiting for me)
So how about you?  What powers would you want?




  1. I've actually had this thought too. I wish I could just automatically know if something was valuable, I'm talking paintings, jewelery etc. I only know about the things I am interested in, so it would be great to know about things I am not interested in, and not have to do any actual learning (as you can see I am really against learning ha ha). I will say that I resell very rarely.

    I also wish I knew exactly which store I should stop at. This is especially true when I come out of a store empty handed. Sometimes I do get feelings I should stop at a store and it pays off.

    I hope that wasn't too long & made sense.

  2. It totally made sense!

    I too wish I knew when to stop at a store or pass...that way I could make the most out of my thrifting lunch breaks! LOL

  3. Love all 3 powers you listed plus the one about knowing which store to stop in. I hate the feeling of driving by a thrift store and not being able to stop - I'm always convinced that there was something in there for me.

    Guess my power (in addition to yours) would have to be the ability to lift and carry (fly) the big stuff home :) I was wishing for a bigger car yesterday when I was bringing home a Broyhill emphasis long dresser - the back was opened with a flimsy rope holding it down and my seat was all the way up to the steering wheel. When you're that hardcore, you don't care about the looks you get :)


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