Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mood Music Friday too!

Today was one of those days...where I asked too much of my brain and it waived the white flag.  So by the time I got home I was sort of on cruise control.  But, I know what I need....a cocktail (after all I have some limes about to go bad...can't let that happen!) and a great album put on the turntable.  I didn't realize how much I missed having a working turntable until I got mine up and running.  Now it is used daily, by both Mr. Honey and myself.  Sooo...with all the love shown on blogs for Mid Century decor, it made me wonder how many of you out there like the music of the period as well? What are some of your favorites?

Well tonight's tunes are from one of my favorite albums....Chet Baker Sings.  I got it about a month ago from came to me all the way from Japan! (Random fact...Chet Baker and I share a birthday...December 23...but of course I wasn't born in 1929!)

This album is the perfect blend of moody and upbeat tempos.  The sounds and lyrics range from lovely to quite depressing...but some how it all works....and of course this album includes one of the most known cover song of "My Funny Valentine" (the best rendition ever).  If you don't have this and happen to see it when you are out ....pick it up...and put it on.  Good Stuff.



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