Monday, May 30, 2011

Holiday - Work and Reward

So my day off today has been quite productive.  A lot of the day has been rearranging the sun room to a more comfortable layout.  I didn't take photos of the start, but all of our records were along the window sill and it really blocked the I have been fretting about potential damage from the sun.  I found some great wall mounted record racks on the big E, which I put up on one wall.

These work great and hold about ten+ records and I also find it nice to display some great record the Andrew Bird record on the bottom (I love that cover!)  Another group of records went into storage cubes in the corner next to the cool wire rack I found this weekend.

The rest will go into a small record cabinet that will go between the two is on a table in the back
yard waiting for another coat of paint!

See! A productive day!  Alright enough of on to the reward.  How does some fresh Sangria sound?  Delish right!  Sangria is super easy to make and the recipe changes a little from person to person...but here is mine...for today at least.

2 Oranges
8 Strawberries
2 bunches of Grapes
1 cup Sugar
Tonic Water
One bottle of cheap red wine

First thing I do is take half of the grape, and put them in the freezer in a baggie.  These will freeze nicely and then you can add them to your glass of Sangria later as yummy ice cubes of sorts.  Next cut up the oranges and strawberries into slices and toss them into your pitcher.  Add the remaining grapes and your cup of sugar.  Then add enough Contreau to cover half or more of the fruit and a little bit of Brandy.  Stir and cover.  Let it marinate for at least an hour at room temperature or in the fridge (It doesn't really matter)

After your hour, pour in the bottle of wine.  Give it a good through stir and serve with a splash of Tonic (or Club soda) and the frozen grapes! Yum!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday!




  1. Like those wall mounted record holders and the sangria!

  2. Your home is beautiful! Love the teal chairs and that mod cup for the Sangria and...hell, most everything in these photos. Nah, everything ;)

  3. @Jil. Yeah the wall mounted holder work perfectly for me...I wish I had purchased a few more now :(

    @Van Thanks! I'm always looking for cool things for the house...I'm sure Mr Honey wishes I would stop LOL


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