Friday, May 27, 2011


So....I didn't win the Witco World Map...this makes me sad....BUT...I did get a few goodies in the mail the week and I figured I would share. 

A Majestic Z floor lamp.

Close up!

Alas the floor lamp didn't come with shades, but pickers can't be choosers and at the price I got it for, I jumped on it as fast as possible. I think it was on eBay for all of ten minutes before I clicked the Buy It Now button; Then started clapping and jumping up and down which is what I do when I get giddy. I know the happy war dance must look bizarre but I don't care.

Here is my table lamp that I stole the shade looks naked now!

I also in this weeks mail call is my new bullet planter...which matched my other one exactly!  I didn't think I would find one exactly the same...but I did. Now it has found its home on the other side of the fireplace.

So not bad for a week's haul...and the beauty of it is that it really cost me little to no money!  All was purchased from my Ebay selling profits....or as I like to call it Monopoly Paypal money. Sweet!

Anyways I hope everyone is having a great Friday!



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