Friday, August 19, 2011

Snatch and don’t look back…

I had my FIRST ever estate sale stakeout yesterday in hopes to lay my hands on some Broyhill Brasilia furniture for my bedroom.  I did all my home work. I scrutinized the online sale photos as well as a real estate listing of the house for layout.  I felt prepared!  The sale started at 11 am and I pulled up to the house at 6:45 am….not another car in sight! Phewwwww.  About this time Mr. Honey (who thinks I’m insane but is awesome enough to come with me on his day off!) is talking breakfast.  So we leave for about 15 minutes to grab some grub via a drive thru and come back.
We are camped out in the Prius….Mr. Honey is playing angry birds and I’m chatting with one of my friends.  I take a moment to give a little coaching advice….”Snatch tags and don’t look back….don’t hesitate for a minute or someone else will get it” Now of course this doesn’t mean you have to be a dick about it.  Basically just make a beeline to your coveted item(s) and get the tags so you can relax and look through the rest of the house.
We get in first (1 & 2 on the sign in sheet!) and head to the back bedrooms like Brasilia seeking missiles.  Grabbed the tags and we were done….i’m was ready for a nap.  After having the tags in hand we leisurely scope out the rest of the house….nothing good.  Just lots and lots of creepy dolls…. (shiver)
This is what we got! 

Broyhill Brasilia Triple Dresser with two single arch mirrors - $360  (I didn’t really want to pay this much for it, but I was expecting the nightstand and the cedar chest to be more expensive and figured it all balanced out)

 Broyhill Brasilia Nightstand - $80 (There was only one….I thought there were two but after looking at the photos again I see that it is two different photos of the same nightstand
 Converted cedar chest - $60
So…turns out that we didn’t really need to come so early.   When we went to pick our items up at 6PM that evening, the other pieces were still available.  I was super shocked, but that is the way of it.  You never know what people are there for and while they weren’t after our stuff this time… time we might have some competition!  Funnily enough my brother picked up a couple of the other pieces.  He got the bed (with mattress) for 300 and the Magna chest for 200 (it was 400 originally)!  I’m kinda jealous about the Magna chest (and the 200 price tag) but we truly do not have room for it and I would rather have the large Door Chest.  The only piece left at the sale was a brasilia desk with chair, again no room.  Also is it weird that I’m a little pouty about him having the same bedroom furniture as me?
Now the furniture looks great in place, but I wanted to give it a nice polish…does anyone have any product suggestions? 



  1. It's great that the rest of the pieces went to your brother, obviously good taste runs in your family! Also, camping out for 4 hours isn't unusual here in Chicago, many dealers camp out the NIGHT BEFORE a sale in order to be first in line.

  2. Sounds like you scored. I'm kinda surprised at how much the dresser was. Like you, I think the low price of the night stand helps, but you'll probably go nuts until you find a second. I did! I can't believe you left behind the desk (I knew it was Brasilia!). You could have sold that to pay for a big portion of your bedroom set. Well, depending on their price I guess. So guess what I'm getting up early for tomorrow!

  3. Hahaha I think my brother bought the desk too with the chair for 100.00! If only I had a larger room!

  4. Oh, clean it with Murphy Oil Soap and polish with Feed-N-Wax.

  5. Congrats!! You really are tackling that WANTED list of yours :)

    As for cleaning up the pieces, I like to use Howard's Restor-a-finish.

  6. @Mr. Modtomic Thanks for the product info!

    @ Vintage Scapes Thanks! I am slowly chipping away it! Well...slowly for me.


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