Monday, March 28, 2011

Thrift Share Monday

I almost missed posting today, but how could I pass up I mean sharing my wonderful finds!  This weekend was a beautiful day for hitting the sales.  Me and the honey decided to focus mainly on yard and garage sales.  While I LOVE estate sales, sometimes I don't feel like I can get the "good" stuff since I am unable to go on a Thursday or Friday.  Does anyone agree?

We had a nice relaxed pace, got breakfast and coffee from the bakery around the corner (Spinach & Feta Quiche.  Yum!) and we were off!  Since I am ALL about the mid century some of the places we try to hit are in older neighborhoods from the period.  First thing I found was this pole lamp for ten bucks!  The chrome on it is in great condition, the shades are made of cork and linen.  Isn't is awesome, it satisfied my inner lamp freak...for now.

Then the next place had some great dishes.  I bought a set of three pyrex teal pinstripe tea cups with saucers, and a set of 6 Dansk BLT plates with matching bowls.  Major score!


So all in all a great day.  I can't wait until next weekend to do it all again!  Of course next weekend we will be in Savannah.  Thrifting road trip!  Does anyone know any good thrift stores there?

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