Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lets trade it up!

I have been an online lurker for quite a while, so I think it is time to participate!  I’m totally feeling Selena’s post, over on Apron Thrift Girl, on the craft of bartering. I don’t know why I didn't think of this before her great post.  A lot of guys I know have been bartering for years; trading tools, vintage car parts, services (welding, powder coating) for things that they need or want.  It would be great to have a network that does the same online! (a place to say, trade for that hard to find china pattern and such). 

Here are some things that I have to barter:

*** Mid Century Atomic 7ft long velvet sofa!  (I know this is a big item…for this one thing the tradee will have   to arrange and pay shipping (pickup is free!), and in fairness I will pay shipping for the receiving trade item.) I got it from the original owner, she was 96!

            *** Mid Century wall paper roller lamp with a great sunflower like design. Or any of the glass bottles next to it!

     *** Plates by Taylorstone in the Cathay pattern.  I have quite a few, so I will trade in sets of 8.  I have about 3 or 4 sets.              


This is my list of the things I have been looking for and drooling over:
  ***Bullet planter pot (does not have to include the metal stand, hopefully in teal/turquoise, but will accept white or cream…and maybe other colors.)
  ***C. Jere sea urchin wall hanging/sculpture (I know I’m dreaming!)
  *** Witco world map (still dreaming)
  ***Any pieces of Jackson china by Paul McCobb in the gold starburst pattern    
  *** Mid Century style umbrella stand
  *** Bojesen style wooden monkey
  ***Heywood Wakefield Bookcase (straight and/or corner one)
  ***Mid Century coat rack (that hangs on the wall)
  ***A piece of Frankl six+ band rattan furniture
  ***Any Broyhill Brasilia pieces
  ***Danish wall unit/bookshelves
  ***A ride in a hot air balloon
  ***Any Kay Denning jewelry (I love it so)

If you are interested in making a swap! Just drop me a line.
Take care,


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