Monday, March 14, 2011

The Art of Thrift

I have been a thrift junkie for years; church sales, thrift stores, estate sales….you name it I’m there.   My love of thrift started young, with my aunt who uses to take me to garage sales on Saturdays as a kid.  On those trips is where I learned to hone my thrifting style; I’m what you would call a fast thrifter, in and out, then on to the next.  Since I’m a speed thrifter I have found it easier at times to fly solo, nothing can torture me like going with a slowie, someone who has to look and touch everything like five times to only buy the two items they picked up in the first five minutes.  If I was ever a spy, this would be a successful technique to get me to spill my secrets.

Recently I have discovered a great partner in crime, my fiancé!  I don’t know how I scored a guy that likes to thrift, has a keen eye, AND who isn’t a slowie. (Cha-Ching!)  We try to get out early on Saturdays for the most part, and sometimes it actually works! (I perpetually run late which drives him nuts)  On the rare occasion there is a particularly awesome sale I’m up early (for me) rushing around all the while screaming “Someone is buying my stuff!” (Ok well not screaming it…I’m not a crazy person after all. Geez )  

This weekend…was a lazy weekend, but still fruitful.  Here are my pickings to share:


  1. I am not a speed thrifter...Sometimes I am amazed at how long I have spent at store!!! I really need to figure out how to be quicker.

  2. great linens, I love to dig in all those old patterns of material.

  3. Hi Angie!

    I can really get in an out I think because I don’t usually shop for clothes. I tend to go straight for the house wares…I’m addicted. I would have ten different china patterns sets and coordinating tablecloths if Jon would let me If you are a lingerer and you enjoy it, stick with it! You probably get some great finds I miss when I’m flying by.

    Hi Cindy!

    Yeah Me too! My hutch run-ith over with tablecloths and placemats….

  4. hehe... enjoyed your post. I guess I am a slowie and instead of me running around saying "someone is taking my stuff", the boy is saying that to me to get me out of the house!

  5. I too lucked out with a great thrifting partner.... for the past 28 years. He even waits patiently in the car if I have to spend a lot of time poking around at a sale. Train 'em young and you won't have to trade 'em in! LOL


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