Tuesday, March 8, 2011

And so it all begins...

I promised myself that my first post wouldn’t be ridiculously cliché, but …


There, now that that’s out of the way, welcome to my little atomic, mid-century modern, teal lovin’, boomeranged corner of the internet.  I became a convert to the cause in a roundabout way, falling in love first with the aesthetics of vintage clothing and accessories, cooing over fur hats, drooling slightly (but in a dignified way) over copper and enamel jewelry. But it all changed when I got my first look at a Heywood Wakefield triple wish bone table, with the matching dog bone chairs of course! It was love at first sight (second and third sight too!) I was hooked, and before you knew it I had a Continental Art lamp with a fiberglass shade (swoon!), and another, then another -- the kitschier the better. My weekends were spent at thrift stores and estate sales searching for just the right pieces. Slowly my house was transformed (sometimes to my poor beleaguered fiance's chagrin) with Welby Starburst clocks (hey there sweet thang), more Hey-Wake (the more the merrier), Majestic lamps (you stunning beauties), Atomic barkcloth curtains (sigh), and so on, and so on…  I think you get the picture.

But I couldn’t stop there, what else goes with a mid-century home? A mid-century house wife! So I’m setting out to learn everything our grandmothers have probably forgotten; the cooking, the sewing, and the ability to make a proper drink (Hey you! Redbull! Take a hike!). So this is a place for me to share with you, my hopefully soon to be readers, the highs (oooooh! Wouldja look at this lamp I found?), the lows (You mean I’m expected to have supper ready for my man?!), and anything else I find while exploring mid-centurydom.


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  1. Hi there - I just stumbled onto your blog and found it so cool, especially since I too just started a blog on thrift and second-hand shopping! I share your enthusiasm for mid century decor and anything Danish!

    Let's keep encouraging each other as we venture out into this blog world. I get pretty overwhelmed by all those fantastic professional-looking blogs.

    Good luck!


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