Friday, April 1, 2011

Bar Aid - #15 Betsy Ross

So I pulled a number out of my new jar which matches my bar glasses. Yeah! (I'm a matchy kinda person). Drum roll please.....#15 Betsy Ross...ok ok I know the post title gave it away.

I was talking to my friend about this drink and I called it a Betty Ross..Ha!

"Don't you mean Betsy Ross?" - L
"  Betty is Betsy's lush sister" - Me

Yeah I don't think she believed me on that one.

Anyways back to drink...

 RECIPE:  1 jigger Brandy, 1 jigger Port, 2 dashes Angostura Bitters, 1 dash Curacao.  Stir well with ice and strain into large Cocktail glass.

I made a trip to the local liquor store for Port and Curacao (I'm going to have a fully stocked bar in a few weeks!)  Before I went I did a little online research, and found this drink recipe on a couple sites.  Some used Triple Sec instead of Curacao, so if you have that on hand you should be good.

Also,  If you don't have a jigger (or know what it is), it basically means 2oz.

A jigger

In case you aren't familiar with Angostura Bitters, they should be in the mixes section and they look like this:

I measured and poured, then stirred before straining and serving in a roly poly glass.

VERDICT:  Good!  A little strong but that must be the brandy.  Tastes rather like fortified Sangria.  I could feel the warmth after just one drink!  If this is too strong for you I would suggest adding some Tonic or even  Sprite (I'm sure some brandy drinks are fainting right now)

If anyone decided to try it....tell me what you think.

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