Friday, August 10, 2012

The Results – my pearls!

Do you remember these guys from an earlier post?
Well shortly after that post and all the great comments I got (thanks everyone), I decided to have them appraised.  I did a little Google searching and found a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified appraiser in my area.  After a quick call I had my appointment scheduled...YAY!  I was a little surprised that it was two weeks out, but I guess there are other people needing their talents as well.   

Finally the day arrived and I went over on my lunch break and had a nice chat with the lady.  I was initially disappointed because she mentioned that these pearls are called rosebud pearls and usually not that valuable since most of them are Chinese cultured pearls (bummer!);  and also the gold toned shanks had no marking (craftsman or 14K and such)…but I figured I would take a chance and see since the detailed appraisal fee was only 56 bucks.  If I was lucky it would be real gold and I could recoup the fee easily.  The appraiser asked if she could have a week or so with them since she wanted to do some research, since this isn’t your average pearl…and that was cool with me.  I mean these had been sitting in a drawer close to a year I don’t think a week is going to kill me, ya know.
So a week later I went to pick them up and…

….does that say 8710.00 ?? WHAT ??  (what is with the ten bucks…8700.00 is weird)
Oh yeah it does….NOW of course that come with a couple caveats. 
#1  This is an insurance appraisal….not a resell appraisal.  Ok I watch Antiques Road show so I know there is a difference.
#2  This is based on the pearls being American Tennessee pearls and there is no way to officially determine that unless they are X-rayed, since the Chinese are that good. But these are pearls are SUPER nice and have a good weight to them so she was pretty sure they are.
But still even with those conditions…I’m excited.  Plus the gold is in fact 14K and there is about a troy ounce of it.  YAY!  So so far my 5 cents is paying off!  With an appraisal like that I’m selling these bad boys eventually, after I have them X-rayed which is the next step. 

That just goes to show you NEVER know that you are going to find! Which is why we all thrift! 




  1. Wow...that's just amazing! Congratulations on one of those "find of a lifetime" things. I'm so happy for you. :)

    1. Thanks!!! It is I can't imagine finding something like this again.

  2. Yay... Congrats on the great find! :)


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