Friday, February 10, 2012

I HEART Andrew Bird

Hi all, it has been a while!  I have been a mad working fool, but I do have a little bit of time to share my favorite music artist, Andrew Bird. If you haven't hear of him then take a listen.

Tenuousness - This is my current favorite song (it always changes), but this video really lets you see how he uses the looping pedal to layer sounds. Watch his feet in the beginning!

Oh no... Another great song.

The song Spare Ohs being performed in the streets of Paris, so awesome. (If you are not digging the violin solo skip to 1:02). I wish I was walking down the street and stumbled across him singing. Oh wait I have...but that was a dream. :)

Lull, my last favorite song, I can listen to it on repeat all day. (I was at this show!!)

Hope you enjoy it!


PS. I wish I could whistle :(


  1. Love it! I grew up in a family of whistlers, and I always woke up to the sound of my grandfather or my mother whistling happily and beautifully. I confess to being a closet whistler myself. :)

  2. Dana,
    That is awesome, sounds like a great way to wake up.


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