Monday, February 20, 2012

First Thrift Score of 2012

My first score of the year are these awesome chairs by Selig Monroe. I haven't bought any new furniture pieces is a while, mainly due to not having space. But, when I turned the corner at the thrift store the other week and saw these babies sitting there, my heart started beating faster. I chanted to myself, 'Please please please let them still have the tags on them'....and they DID!  YAY!

The second thought was "Oh Crap, Mr. Honey is going to be PISSED if I come home with these....."  Cause well I sort of agreed to not buy any new furniture without talking to him.....but...but...these chairs are awesome....and and... my phone is broken (having dropped it that morning and it broke into pieces.)...and he was out of town.  What to do...what to do....after fretting over it for about thirty minutes I buy them.  Well I really buy one and the ottoman, my sister-in-law who was shopping with me bought the other for me as a belated birthday present (she is awesome like that).

So now I have some new chairs after two trips in the Prius to get them home.  I know the patten is a little wild, but I think that is what I love about them.

  As you can see they are Italian Greyhound approved, I couldn't keep the pups off them long enough to take photos.

The rest of the weekend I spent purging old stock and doing a deep clean so the house sparkled by the time Mr. Honey got home.  To soften the to speak.  Here is how things went down:

Me:  "Ummm So I bought a chair"
Honey: "A chair...."
Me: "Yeah a chair and an ottoman, it is really awesome and I love it, I would have called but I dropped my stupid phone and it is a goner....don't be mad."
Honey: "A chair and an ottoman...."
Me: "Yes, it was a set and there was another chair which matched and M. bought it for me as a birthday present..."
Honey: "Wait....let me get this straight...first it is a chair, then a chair and an ottoman, now it is two chairs and an ottoman...."
Me: "Er....Yes"

At this point he is really quiet, then starts cracking up laughing and says,  Well let me see this "chair"
Yay! argument averted!  I think it worked in my favor that he had been gone all weekend and missed me.(Only the third time we have been apart in three years) 

So anyways, what do you think?



  1. Sharp! Love 'em. That upholstery pattern would be a deal breaker for me but at least they have the kinda lines that make them a bit easier to re-upholster. Are both chairs the same or is it a "his and hers" set?

    1. They are the same....I wish they were his and hers! I have a turquoise set that are like that and they look really sharp arranged together.

  2. Wow those chairs are fantastic. I have the same issue with my husband. Luckily I have been able to hide chairs in a back room for a while. Last time he went to the basement he asked me about all of the furniture down there. Oops. Love your blog!

    1. Haahaa Oops...I bought these months...dont you remember!

      I wish I could sneak stuff in, but I think the Honey has an eidetic memory...."Wait that bowl wasn't there yesterday!"....crap! Busted.


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