Friday, December 30, 2011

MUST...Fight...the cute.....

I MUST fight the cuteness of this coffee cup I just snagged at the thrift.

It literally jumped off the shelf into my basket!  Once I got it home and I started researching it; I found that there are many other mugs in this style.  Now I want them all.  BUT I do not need them nor need anything else to collect.  So currently I'm trying to fight the hippo's mind power which is trying to get me to buy other cute friends for her (Dottie...Yes I named it.....that is a bad sign right?)..... 

Staying Strong-ish



  1. I fought the cute once, too ... the cute won.

  2. Under normal circumstances, I'm vehemently anti-cute, but that koala could come home with me in a heartbeat!

  3. @Poppy Haha I think it will win this battle too!

    @Dana I am rather anti-cute as well with the exception of this mug and sock monkeys. I think the Koala looks like a swell chap...all he needs is a little monocle

  4. Ahhhhhhh! I know I shouldn't like these because it doesn't at all fit the path I've been going down (or the path that my man has been doing down) and if I ever get something like this my man's head will explode! But I part of me can't resist - look at the pig's wittle ears! :D



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