Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mid Century Drink - None but the Brave it isn't Friday, but this week has been rough. you know what that calls for....a cocktail!  This is one that I have been drinking for a little while, but have yet to post about, called "None but the Brave".   I found this recipe after searching for ways to use a bottle of Allspice Dram I purchased on a whim.(A good whim, it is delicious!)  So here we go.....

The "Goods"

RECIPE: 1.5oz. Brandy, .5oz Allspice Dram, .5oz Lemon Juice, .5oz Rum, .25 tsp sugar;   Shake over ice and strain into cocktail glass.

Alright! A measure, shake and pour easy.   Here is the finished product:

 My first time using our new dancing pink elephant glasses

 Look I even have pink elephant ice cubes, hey I'm all about the matching.

VERDICT:  Oh so good.  Even after making this for a while, I still play with the ratios a little.  Next time I'm thinking, put in some of those homemade bitters we made.  Yum!


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