Friday, September 16, 2011

Bar Aid - Lets spin that wheel! #56

Today is a great day for a cocktail....not because it was bad but because it was AWESOME!  A mini celebration.  I received word yesterday that a booth at a local antique mall opened up for me and I'm super excited.  I have "inventory" stashed all over the house and I'm ready to get it in front of buyers. I'm takin' my closet BACK!

I decided to use the bar air for today's drink recipe, so I pulled a random number out of the drink jar....#56  Millionaire No. 2.  And just to prove that everything is going right today...I actually have every ingredient on hand so no trip to the local liquor store. SWEET!

 RECIPE:  1/3 each Jamaica Rum, Apricot Brandy, and Sloe Gin, 1 dash Grenadine, juice of 1 Lime.  Shake with ice and strain into glass.

Here is a close up of the particular brands...I personally like Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum and always use Rose's Grenadine.  Also if you need to pick up some Sloe Gin you might not find it along with all the standard gins, I found this bottle over with all the cordials....and on the Apricot Brandy, I'm not sure.  Luckily we received a bottle of it, homemade, from a friend several months ago and it was in the freezer.  Now since the the recipe only calls for one third of each ingredient but no actual measurement...I used my 1.5oz jigger for each.

Thanks A & D.  The Apricot Brandy is delicious!   

Here is all the ingredients in my new save time I just split the lime into quarters, squeezed and dropped each segment.

 A little shake and some straining and Viola!  Finished Product!

VERDICT:   Delicious. I want another! The flavors meld perfectly.  The recipe says to strain all ice but I think I prefer it with a few ice cubes 

You should try it.  Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. That does look tasty! I have three of those glasses and I will have to keep my eyes open for one of those Bar Aid thingies.

  2. It is! But that one drink is a strong one. :)

    I'm sure you will find one (Bar Aid) I have seen a few since I got mine. I do hope you like Gin a LOT of the recipes call for it....I think because of the time frame it was made.

  3. I'm not much of a drinker, but that looks pretty refreshing. Wish I could have had one of these back when it was 104 a few weeks ago.


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