Sunday, August 28, 2011

A swing and a miss....

I have been pouty all weekend.  I took Thursday and Friday off from work in order to attend a particular estate sale in Gainesville, which is about an hour and a half from home.  So needless to say I was super pissed bummed that when I got there I was third in line, especially when what I came for was this....

1962 Austin Chess set with board (the board at the sale was wooden not the blue felt as shown) Kinda awesome right.....ugh.  The first guy in line bought the pieces and the second guy bought the board with the base.  What sucked even more was to wait three hours + in line knowing that you wouldn't get the number one item you wanted.  Of course I did manage to get a few smalls.

Dansk salt shaker/pepper mill

Dansk enamel bowls

These two items plus a couple pair of earrings were all that I purchased, sadly.  But since I had driven so far I figured I would hit some of the thrift stores in the area.  I did find a few cool things to make the trip worth it.

Don Freedman fabric art (this thing is huge!)

Seagull sculpture

more Dansk!  A total tea set for four!




  1. Didn't know we had such steep estate sale competition here in the South East, too! You and I need to plan a thrift adventure sometime ;) fellow mod-fiend.

  2. I tried to e-mail you about meeting up to discuss the business project, no e-mail on your site? Please e-mail me,

    Thank you!

  3.'s like we were separated at birth. So you too had an "Estate Fail" just after scoring all over everbody else with the Brasilia! AND also cuz you was third in line...that's just too weird.

  4. @Van I know! But since it was that particular chess set I'm not surprised there were people coming that early for it.

    @Mr. Modtomic It seems like it, right! We are in sync lately although I wish we weren't on Thursday. Man I wanted that freaking chess set.

  5. What a disappointment! Been there. At least you went away with some other great stuff. The seagull sculpture is great.

  6. I have a friend that is trying to find a pair of the seagull statues that are shown on your blog. If you are willing to share the information on this, I truly would appreciate it.


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