Monday, September 19, 2011

The Big "E" Eye Candy

My favorite drool worthy items of the week!

The large and gorgeous DuBarry sculptural lamp featured was actually purchased at a local estate sale.  I went to the sale especially to pick up this lamp, but it was out of my budget then...and definitely out of my budget now.  Sadness.




  1. I was also checking out that lamp on the estate sale website - what was the price on it? Pretty awesome. Though, I'm sure honey was glad it was out of your price range lol. Awesome chair by the way ;) Wasn't sure if mine was a George Mulhauser, now I know. Would love to have that ottoman. Did you know that chair was in the father's office on Wonder Years? :)

    You haven't been posting any 'out in the wild' finds! I miss seeing those.

  2. Isn't that lamp awesome! It was priced at 495. Yeah Honey would have freaked(then freaked again if he knew the price)...since we supposedly have reach lamp equilibrium. Nay I say, Nay.

    I have been on a thrifting sucks.


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