Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Vintage Kitchen – Pork

In an effort to eat better (and lose a lot of my ass) Mr. Honey and I have started cooking again.  To use the word “again” for him is misleading since he does most of the cooking, but for me…well…it is appropriate.  I hate cooking 95% of the time and to be truthful, part of it is that I am just lost in the kitchen. The few times I have done the grocery shopping myself and Honey has made the list, I have had to double check items with him…items I should, at 31, know.  For example this is part of an actual conversation:
“On the list is pork tenderloin…..will the package say tenderloin” -Me
“Yes dear” –Honey

"Sweet!" -Me

I thought of this moment when I was flipping through one of my MANY vintage cookbooks and found this Pork cut guide. 

As well as just the cut guide, the book held lots of great information and recipes for each type of meat.  So this week I think I shall try a few of them out...and maybe even make a roast since I have been told several times that I don't make enough roast...or pies...but one thing at a time.



  1. It's not so hard after you do it for awhile. I learned how to cook from Betty Crocker, there was a guide for beef just like the pork!

  2. Thanks Jil. I hope it isn't too tough...I have a feeling it will be all about setting a routine. Unfortunately I suck at routine,. too :)


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