Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mid Century Clocks : I should never be late, yet i am....

I love fun and funky mid century clocks.  I didn't even realize that I was collecting them at first, until I looked around and noticed that I have one or more in every room in the house.  Since I'm running out of space, I don't pick them up as much anymore, but if I see a particularly awesome one, it finds it's way home with me.  To which Mr. Honey says, "Another clock!?!" 

Here are a some of my favorites:

The cool thing about this one is it can be hung on any side

Welby Starburst.  I love Welby's because of the design of the face

Ingram starburst

Tele-vision Flip clock that lights up!

Seth Thomas flip in wood case

Another TV flip clock, this lights up too.

Jax beer! 

This last one is perfect for us since we live in Jacksonville (Jax) and Mr. Honey LOVES beers. Actually, love is probably too tame of a word, I swear when he talks to people about craft brewing it is a totally different language.  I try to follow along, but I'm just not into it....all I know is I don't like Hoppy beers.  Anyways, this clock hangs right next to the Kegerator in the kitchen. 




  1. I like your taste in clocks, think I need one now....

  2. Those are some really great clocks

  3. @ Jil @Vintage Scapes, @Protector of Vintage, @bopfish....Thanks guys!

    @Mr. Modtomic. Yeah this clock is from Jax beer when they were based in New Orleans, but it is close enough. ;) Jax Beer originated in Jacksonville, Florida until it was sold in the fifties.

  4. Don't forget the Panasonic RC-1091! It's probably my favorite retro-modern clock design of all time.

  5. I love your clocks, I too dislike hoppy beers and my husband also loves talking/homebrewing beer! Are we the same person?! Haha!

  6. @Nickarmadillo That is a very cool clock, I will have to keep my eye peeled for one.

    @Diana - Thanks! Are we!?! Haha. Hops = yuck


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