Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mid Century Drink Day - Gertie's Garter

I’m back! ....a day late but none the less, let’s have a drink.
I have been MIA lately due to being sick… and as I laid in bed, home from work, I thought to myself I should be getting some prime blogging done…but all the energy I had was used to start the next episode of Medium on the lap top.  Let just say I watched a LOT of Medium and Ghost Whisperer (hey don’t judge me! These are great shows…I swear).  Thankfully I am feeling much better Dr. Robitussin and do not sound like a man anymore.  Seriously I answered a call from my brother and he thought Mr. Honey had picked up….not a good sign.
So now that I am back in the land of the living…and drinking….lets make a cocktail shall we.
This one is going to be quickie since I don’t really feel like hitting the local liquor store.  Luckily the drink gods are smiling upon me and it only took two tries to pull a cocktail number from the jar for which I had all the ingredients on hand.   SWEET!  #36  Gertie’s Garter.

RECIPE:  3 parts Dry Gin, 1 part Grapefruit Juice, 1 part Grenadine.  Shake well with ice and strain into glass.  Add fruit desired.

TIP:  If you are working to achieve a fully stocked bar like we are, I suggest to always keeps some small cans of fruit juices on hand.  We always have a few cans of tomato juice, grapefruit juice, and pineapple juice in the cabinet to use as mixers.  

So Viola!  The drink in my new "Executive" cocktail glass:

VERDICT:  Ok I'm really digging this one, it is a keeper....and I didn't think I liked Gin.  

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!



  1. This one sounded pretty good to me... and the name is pretty sweet too!

  2. It is! Super yummy. I thought that name was rather cool as well.


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