Sunday, November 6, 2011

From the mouth of Babes…my Babe…Mr. Honey

Ok normally I don’t share these sorts of things, but the fact is that Mr. Honey is freaking hilarious.  Every time he gets me giggling until I almost pee myself I think, YES! I will gladly take 50 more years of this please.

“I’m tired of being sick and sounding like a man” - Me
“You, don’t sound like a man.  You sound like a sexy chain smoking granny” – Mr. Honey
“What! No I don’t…” - Me
“Yes you do….I will call you Doris….come on, let me take you to an early bird special” – Mr. Honey


  1. Hahah! It's like on 30 Rock when one of the characters was trying to charm a senior lady. "Let's go to McDonald's... and only order coffee." She looked all excited.


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