Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Big "E" Eye Candy

Here are some of my current favorite listings on the big bad Ebay!

I really like the first pair of lamps, they are exactly the same as some I saw in a mid century shop in New Orleans called "Peaches".  The store had some super awesome stuff.  There was a pair of mod chairs that were just unbelievably cool.  I was able to snap a few quick pictures in the store.

See!  Very Mod......and sold :(

The same lamp!

...and a matching floor lamp.


  1. I really like Peaches. They had some nice stuff last time I was in New Orleans. Kind of a smallish place. Some stuff was a little pricey and some very reasonable. I like the junque shop look too. I did a blog post on them a while back.


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