Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Lounger

The only piece of vintage furniture I have that actually came from a family member is my black lounger.  My maternal grandfather purchased it, I think, sometime in the late 60s.  It is basically a huge piece of foam covered with a black almost shaggy-ish material.  While it doesn’t really look THAT comfortable, it really is.  Anytime anyone actually lays in it they don’t want to come out and threaten to smuggle it to their cars.

It is the perfect size to fit into the bench seat area in our bedroom.  This is my favorite place to read books while snuggling with puppies.  As you can see it is usually claimed by my dog Max.   I think he likes it because he can sit so high, with the added bonus of getting away from our other dog, the demon Izzy (It is too high for her to jump, I have to pick her up and place her up there like I did for this photo).
There aren’t really any manufacture tags on it.  I was wondering if anyone has seen something similar. Or might know the maker?



1 comment:

  1. No way, that looks BEYOND comfortable. And so newish in this photo I wouldn't have guessed it was mod.

    When I inevitably raid your home for photos and ideas, I might sneak just one of those dogs home in my bag. I LOVE Italian Greyhounds!


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