Friday, August 12, 2011

Saddest Mail Call ever....

Sooooo....I have been rather excited over the past few days since I found a flat file cabinet that I liked visually AND that is the perfect shape to hold a chunk of my vintage jewelry.  Lets face it a lot of those cabinets are super ugly and VERY large.  They are always beige or gray and have rather industrial looking handles. 

Since I have been looking for one for about two years; when I saw the one I liked on Etsy I jumped on it!  Now here comes the sad part....when I got home today....this is what the package looked like...

This is never a good sign....

 Ugh.  You suck UPS.

The whole piece got bent in shipping so I had a hard time getting the drawers out...after about 30 minutes of messing with it....It looked like so..

This almost ruined my day completely...but luckily I got off work early today and filled that free time with some great thrifting where I found this seemly innocent little mortar and pestle.

I paid a whole 50 cents for it.  I was thinking is cute and pink.  I might need it or something.  So when I got home and looked up the maker name on the bottom....I was shocked to find out it is made of finely powdered synthetic sapphire.  It is scientific quality lab equipment and retails for around $600.  WAHHhh.  Insane.  Not sure where to sell it but maybe just maybe I can turn it into a piece of Broyhill Brasilia (or two!)  Like magic!! 




  1. Aarrg...that sucks, but that packing job ain't gonna win any awards either. I know very little about Etsy. Can you rate sellers? Will you be re-embursed for the damage some how? Excellent serendipitous snatch on the morter and pestal!

  2. Yeah you can rate sellers on Etsy. I emailed the seller and she was great about it...I will get a full refund. Sweet! So now I will be on the hunt again for a flat file before my jewelry over runnith....


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