Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MAIL CALL: Now I have a pair!!

Beware the gray phantom
A pair of what you ask?  What could come in such an odd shaped package.....????

Answer:  an Adrian Pearsall wall hanging 

The piece from the catalog

Now for the unveiling.....SHAZAMM!!

Looks good with the Brasilia!
As for the pair, this is the matching piece to one that I already have (but haven't shared with you...bad Becca).  The one that I already had has a different stain on the wood so it looks more reddish so I need to refinish it to match....plus I'm not a fan of the cream.  I'm thinking a royal blue would be nice.  What do you think?

A matching set!!
One piece of the cream one came apart in shipping so that helps in the decision to redo it.

So reddish....and a funky textury cream....REDO REDO

See such a difference in types of fabric
Can't wait to hang this baby!!



  1. OMG...I'm green with envy. Those are wonderful! I'm such a Pearsall fan, and I'd love to have a pair of those. Congratulations on an excellent acquisition.

    1. Me too! I love Pearsall's stuff...I got lucky! Both of these piece I got off Ebay and both were unmarked, that was the only way I was about to get them.

  2. Wowee. Have to agree with the above comment...I'm ever so envious!

    1. Thanks...I think it is the scale of them that I love. So tall!


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