Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Coat rack envy...

Yes, that is an actual thing.  I feel it every time I find a gorgeous coat rack online, but either it doesn’t quite fit our décor or is too expensive….seriously who pays a thousand bucks for a coat rack?!?  Every time I’m at the thrifts I keep my eye peeled for one but so far no luck.  I almost pulled the trigger on this one on Etsy.
Teak and brass
It was a good price, but I waffled over the 50 dollar shipping charge since it was coming from Denmark….and in my pause it was purchased.  Sadness.  So the search continues…here are some I have been drooling over along the way. 

Sooooo neat!

So close! only an hour away (online here)...but $600  umm no!
Coen De Vries  image via  Amsterdam Modern

Say yes to Chrome! image via Ebay



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  1. These are all goreous. I have a thing for coat racks, even though I rarely hang a coat on one. I do like to have one handy to have a place to hang my purse when I come in though.


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