Thursday, September 20, 2012

I HEART Asheville

 After being in Asheville, NC for a whole week there is no way I could NOT love this place.  It is the perfect getaway destination for us from now on.  The mountain were gorgeous, the antique stores were great fun, the food delicious, and don’t get me started on the French Broad Chocolate Lounge……a liquid truffle…need I say more!?! 
Also it wasn’t just me that found heaven here, but Jon (Mr. Honey) as well!  Turns out there are lots of local breweries….surprise surprise.  All of our vacations have at least one brewery stop…and this one had eight…that is right EIGHT breweries!   

Here are the ones we hit:
Craggie Brewing Company, Green Man Brewery, French Broad Brewery, Asheville Brewing, Highland Brewing, Pisgah Brewing, Wedge Brewery, Lexington Avenue Brewery (LAB)
They serious love their beer here; one bartender said that if there is a way to combine beer with anything Asheville will do it, there is even a laundry mat that serves beer!  Crazy!  But I guess you can work up a thirst with all that folding, ya know.
The only downer was well….the thrifting kinda sucked.  I’m guessing that is because of all the local antique and vintage shops in the area.  The only really great thrift store to me was the local Re-store. 
One busy busy busy Re-Store

 In the front there were the usual goods….toilets, trim, appliances, etc.  But in the back there was another store set up for furniture, house-wares, and such, plus there was a small vintage record shop and a silent auction!  The silent auction is where the good stuff was, when we stopped by the first time there was a Conant Ball chair on the block and when we stopped the second time later in the week a Paul McCobb dining table!

The Conant Ball chair....nice!

 But when you can’t thrift…you antique….and antique I did!!  I really have to give some major props to my then fiancé (now husband), because he did all the planning.  It actually work out great…I’m one to sleep in until he wakes me which is usually WAY earlier than I want to be up.  So this week I got to lounge in bed while he planned the day.  He would look up local antique shops that had some MCM booths, thrift stores, somewhere awesome for breakfast and lunch, plus a couple breweries…..then plugged everything into his phone app for turn by turn directions.  YUP I’m spoiled.  I mean how could I NOT marry him after that, definitely a keeper. 

So here is part of the Asheville haul:

Bennington Potters Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper.....I love these! 
Three piece Rosenthal-Netter set in perfect condition!
Super large Ultima Aluminum Ashtray...but I don't smoke.  too cool to pass.
A Seth Thomas flip clock at a steal!
Neat Walnut Whale of the few thrift finds.

More goodies to come, I think I will sprinkle some more finds into next weeks Monday Thrift Share.

Ciao for now,


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