Thursday, March 29, 2012

I HEART Ray LaMontagne

Okay, I admit it I'm a music pusher.....but this guy is a GENIUS!  Every time I hear one of his songs, I can almost feel it running through my veins....a warm buzz under my skin.  Combine that feeling with lyrics that are soul touching and sweet.  :::Sigh::::

While trying to find the right videos for this I read a comment about him that made me smile......"He is the white Otis Redding Re-incarnated"

My FAV part:
Well, I looked my demons in the eyes
laid bare my chest, said "Do your best, destroy me.
You see, I've been to hell and back so many times,
I must admit you kind of bore me."

Now an awesome cover.....Gnarls Barkley's  Crazy


  1. Hey! I've been following your blog for a little while (posted it on my yahoo page actually) I heart Ray as well especially his cover of "Crazy" Good choice! Also, Shag... I dream of owning an original but for now I own some cards that hubby framed for me. I also have one of his cocktail books (not the one you have).
    You should check out the tiki bar in San Francisco.
    Great blog! From a new fan. kat

    1. Oh cool! It would be unbelievable to own an original Shag! I love his books. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. BTW a lot of us bloggers have turned off the word recognition button on our sites. Especially those of us that don't get a lot of comments (like me). And for those of us old people that can't make out the letters. Just sayin.

    1. haha Yeah I always have a problem reading those darn things....and usually by the third or fourth try I finally get it right. lol


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