Sunday, October 16, 2011

There is no place like home.....for thrifting.

Hi guys!  I have been missing for a little while because Mr. Honey and I have been on vacation in the Big Easy.  We had a blast and I saw some awesome stuff that I can't wait to share, one thing being the Southern Food and Beverage Museum.  Part of a museum dedicated to booze...Yes!  Anyways I'm saving that for a little later.

So on our route to New Orleans we stopped in Tallahassee for a night to visit with Mr. Honey's brother and his fiance.  They were great and showed us around to some of the local thrift stores.  It was nice to shop in new places for a change, but unfortunately most of the thrifts were picked clean.  Probably because all of the vintage resell stores in the area.  Damn you FSU college hipsters!  Sadly that was the majority of the thrifting that was done while we were gone, though we did hit one place in Alabama, and a couple in Louisiana, with nothing to show for it.

Since I didn't find anything while we were gone I was jones'n to go out and see what I could find in town... and man did I find some great stuff.  So now I'm starting to believe there is no place like home for thrifting.  Here is the haul:

Gorgeous silver band bar set...How awesome is this!

Scandinavian enamel bowl, creamer, and decorative tile

 Silver ombre glasses, Midwinter creamer, and Rosenthal cake plate

Teak cheese plate, Teak pipe holder, Dansk decanter, and a Heath chop platter

I hope everyone had a weekend as fruitful as I did.  Man it is good to be home!

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  1. Wow - I'm impressed! Truly great finds - that bar set is the best...

  2. @Jackie Thanks,I almost want to keep the bar set for myself.

    @Jil I know right! I even pinched myself throughout the day to make sure I wasn't dreaming. :)

  3. Wow, that bar set is AMAZING! It looks like original Dorothy Thorpe.

  4. That is a crazy awesome haul! love everything!

  5. What fabulous finds. Loving the bar set.

  6. I want that bowl! So cute! Great finds to welcome you back.

  7. Love the thought, that there is no place like home thrifting. sometimes I think I can never find anything, but really, my thrifting is awesome some days and not so much others. All part of the fun of junking.

  8. I want everything in the last pic! All the lovely teak pieces are fantastic...along with the rest of your finds of course :-)
    Glad you had a great vacation!
    Cheers ~ Lara

  9. I just LOVE the bowl and creamer. Can you believe that my parents had entire sets like that... and then they put them in the dishwasher (which made all the paint dissapear, ARGH!!!)


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