Monday, October 17, 2011

Local Produce brought to my door? I'm in!

I'm very excited this week as we get our first delivery of local farm fresh produce delivered right to our door, this Thursday.  Sounds neat right!  Mr Honey was searching around on the web for a local community farm share program and found the site The Veggie Bin.  Unfortunately it only services a small area of Jacksonville, FL, but luckily we live in that area which is Riverside, Avondale, and Ortega.  Basically how it works is you pick one of the two bin types, 100% Local or 100% Organic and then how many deliveries you want per month (weekly, biweekly, etc).  That easy!  They even put a photo of what to expect in your weekly bin on their website. This photo is of the last bin delivered in June, since deliveries only run from October to June.

All this for $25 bucks! (plus it included some fresh corn that wasn't pictured)

So if by chance you are a local reader, I say try it!  It is so important to support local businesses, especially farmers.  Now if you are not local and this intrigues you I suggest searching the web for any local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs in your area.  You never know what is out there until you look!

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