Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Cocktail Time...a trip back to the 30's

So as usual it is friday and I need a cocktail.  I thought I would switch it up a bit and make a cocktail from my "The Savoy Cocktail Book".  You may remember seeing this book in photos from my trip the Museum of the American Cocktail in New Orleans (here).  This one is a facsimile created in the 80's, which is perfect for me.  An original 30's edition usually sells for around 300-500 thank you I would rather spend my dollars on booze......this one is about 40-50 dollars on the big E.

The Savoy Cocktail Book

What is so cool about this version is it is suppose to be EXACTLY like the original, complete with all of the illustrations.

Just one of the many illustrations!

For today I decided on an American Beauty Cocktail...because well I'm an American Beauty! doesn't mention ice...but I added some to the shaker!

After one quick trip to the liquor store for some brandy, I was all set. (Don't forget you will need port too...I didn't notice that before I left, but luckily we had a bottle on hand...and don't go without it, it really adds to the drink!)

The goods

This one is pretty easy!  Since the ratio was 1/4 of the main four ingredients, I used 1oz of each which worked well because two of the fours are you basically end up with roughly a 2oz strong drink.  Also that makes it the perfect size drink to use in a iced hi-ball glass.

All shook up!
Now for the pour....

A nice orangey red color
Looks so delicious in my new bar glass....which I thrifted this very afternoon.  My new last name starts with an "L".  It was meant to be! Lets see another couple photos of that sexy glass with the port added on top.

VERDICT - This drink is seriously delicious.  It is rather sweet given the ounce of both grenadine and orange juice, plus the port on top....but the flavors work really well together.  Even the dash of Creme de Menthe is great...there is a touch of minty-ness in each sip.  Don't be scared to try it! My husband said it sounded like a hot mess......and it does have a lot going on...but it works!  Now I'm off to make another.




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