Thursday, August 9, 2012

It is a ZOO around here!

Long time no blog...I know I know.  I apologize….are we still friends?  

I will take that silence as a YES! 

Carrying on....

So have I mentioned that it is a Zoo around?  And I mean that quite literally.   Over the past year I started picking up various animals here and there and before I knew it, we had a little mid century zoo going on!  So far we have three monkeys, a bull, a zebra, a couple birds, and a green llama.   They look so cute all tucked into various places in the house I just had to share.
I love this sign! 

and the monkey!

Our mantle is full of animals.

My very own Bojesen monkey!!!!!  YAY!

Metal bull...such a great sculptural quality

The birds

That is right I did say GREEN llama.

Another Monkey...I'm a little monkey crazy

This is one of my favorites.

This is suppose to be me and Jon (Mr. Honey)
Well there you go...our little zoo.  I hope you enjoyed them!

Ciao for now



  1. Great little zoo you having going on there! What a coincidence that I just posted about Bojesen today. :)


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