Friday, June 29, 2012

Rainy Day Craft time

So what do you do on a random week day when you are stuck inside because of tropical storm debby?

No really we are stuck...a photo taken from the porch
Same view about 15 mins before the one above.  Crazy right?!?
 Take photos of the idiots people trying to drive on your street....?!?

Um are you sure you like your Mercedes...
I don't think this is a good idea

 Check!  Now what to do....a craft?  Yes please!  So today I'm going to turn a dumb move on my part into a new piece of jewelry.  What is this dumb move?!?....well do you remember this cabinet?  It started out looking really sad...but Mr. Honey was able to get the drawers working correctly after a couple of hours of work (couldn't do anything about the dents).  So for a while I used it to hold my Denning collection...until my brother agreed to fix it up for my birthday.  I emptied it out and dropped it off at his workshop...then a couple days later he brought me this....


 Unfortunately, I left a few pieces in the very very back of a drawer...and while my bro was moving the cabinet around he heard a CRUNCH.  So now I have lost a pair of earrings and a bracelet....but I'm going to salvage the one good earring and turn it into a ring!  And while I'm at it I will make a few more with some single earrings I have stashed away. (I never throw my singles out when I lose one)

Now the only items you will need are some ring blanks, clear strong adhesive, and some craft wire cutters. (all of this can be found at your local craft store like Michaels)

Step One
Using your craft cutters, trim the clip or post part of the earring off

My earrings are all trimmed and ready to be attached to their blanks
Step Two
 Add a little dab of adhesive!

This is what I used
Step Three
Firmly press the ring blank into the adhesive, making sure there is good contact, then let dry!

Viola! A new ring!

 I would let the adhesive completely dry (about 24 hours) before wearing;  I have been wearing my rings for a while without any issues, but if you have sensitive skin I would suggest a coat of clear nail polish over the adhesive (after it drys) so it doesn't irritate your skin.

Have a good weekend everyone!



  1. I'm laughing at your comments...."I don't think this is a good idea"..... Now that is some serious rain. Wow! Perfect day to stay in and craft. LOVE your ring!

    1. haahaa Everytime it rains like that I'm always on the front porch watching them trying to drive down the street...I can't look away. Definitely a good craft time.


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