Monday, June 4, 2012

A cabinet makeover!

My brother just recently introduced me to an alternative way of having metal finished, which is far superior to paint in my opinion, and that is powder coating.  Now if you don’t know what powder coating is….and I didn’t…here is the process in a snapshot.  The metal item is sandblasted to remove any old paint and/or rust, and then it is sprayed with an electrostatic dry powder; from there it is “baked” at a high temperature which allows the powder to flow and form a “skin” around the metal.  What is great about the process is the finished product has a super glossy finish which is tougher than conventional paint.
My first items up for powder coating is this pair of vintage film strip storage cabinets I got for the low low price of FREE.

I emptied them, pulled out the grid inserts and dropped them off at the powder coating place.  And month and a half later....I got these:  

Now I know what your thinking...a month and a half that is least it felt that way to me, but the guy I used has large contracts with the city so the small stuff isn't top priority, plus they had to order the color I wanted since they didn't have any on hand.  So at only 40 bucks each to have finished...they were well worth the wait.  Here are some close ups....check out the sheen....

Oh so glossy finish...
Now I can label to my hearts content!
These beauties will now be used for some much needed jewelry storage!  I can truly use about three more of these....I'm keeping my eye out. 

Even the insides are coated!

So if you have something metal you want redone...I would check with your local guy.

What is up next?  Well lets see how this ottoman base turns out.  Stay tuned!




  1. We have pieces powdercoated for the store. I love the color you chose, and I can't wait to see the finished ottoman.

  2. Wow! I definitely love the transformation! The surface of your metallic cabinet looks so smooth and fine. I also prefer powder coating, as it provides long-lasting, color and durable, high-quality finishing. I bet the finished ottoman will be excellently restored. =)

    - Lonnie Summerall


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