Saturday, July 9, 2011

Man I wish I could Knit!

When I made a trip to Lowes last week to buy hanging wire (for you know what) I decided to make a quick trip to a local thrift store.   This store use to be one of my favorites, but in recent years the prices have just gotten outrageous, but I saw a set of Conant Ball bedroom furniture (already SOLD ) two weeks ago at a decent price so that renewed the faith.  I was pleasantly surprised that in just two weeks….the place had a new layout and prices were lower.  Totally bizarre… then I heard some of the employees talking about a change in management so maybe that is the reason.  Anyways while perusing the aisles I found this awesome knitting pattern book for Bear Brand Yarns.  These patterns make me yearn to knit (and have an ass that would fit into these)…

There are quite a few other designs/patterns as well but these are my favorites.
What do you think?



  1. They're all lovely, but I do like the simplicity of the 2nd pic. I can't knit either.

  2. I think I wish I were as thin as the models :) I like your blog a lot, we have the thrifting thing in common - but my Goodwill store has ridiculous prices and isn't coming down. Glad you heard that yours is under new management and lowering prices - yay!!! I'll stop by again and keep up with you - I "followed" you while I was here.


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