Monday, April 9, 2012

Homemade Cordials - Strawberry

I'm super excited about the latest kitchen gadget I bought.  It is called "Cordially Yours"... a cordial maker! It was produced in the 80's but wasn't distributed long in the US because the liqueur manufacturers  successfully lobbied to keep it out.  I found out about this gem on a message board and couldn't wait to find one and try it out.  Luckily one came up on the big "E" and I snatched it up!  So lets makes some cordials!

 Mr. Honey brought home a half flat of strawberry it is...


2 cups vodka
2 cups sugar 
1 cup water
4 cups fresh strawberries

First I washed and cut up my strawberries then placed them in the inner pot.  

Next I put the vodka, water, and sugar in a pitcher.

 Stir it up until all the sugar dissolves, then pour the liquid in the pot with the berries.  Set the timer to 8 hours.  Done!  How easy is that.

The next morning, I strained out the strawberries (kept them for yummy ice cream topping!)

Poured the liquid into a mason jar.  I did a quick taste test.....DELICIOUS!

 Now lets taste test it in an adult beverage...

I did a quick twist on a caipirinha...if you haven't had one then you should!  It is the national cocktail of Brazil.  Here is the recipe:

1 lime quartered
2 tsp sugar
2 ozs Cachaca  (Brazilian rum)
THE TWIST:  2 oz strawberry liqueur

Place lime wedges and sugar in a cocktail cup; Muddle well until it becomes a paste.  Fill with ice and add the Cachaca  (and strawberry liqueur)


 "Spiked with Happy Houch" drink stir

VERDICT:  Super yummy! Now I think I want to make Pineapple cordials!


  1. Yum...I might have to hunt for a Cordially Yours.

  2. We found ours about 10+ yrs ago at Goodwill. I love it! Doing rhubarb experiment!


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